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Ohio church harasses local strip club and church receives a topless protest

Strip club protests church topless
Strip club protests church topless
Foxhole North / Facebook

A church that sits in Warsaw, Ohio, the New Beginning Ministries, started protesting a local strip club years ago. Now, The Foxhole North decided they have had enough, and turned the tables yesterday. The club owner, Thomas George, and supporters of the strip club held a “peaceful topless” protest at the church.

George posted a video on The Foxhol North’s Facebook page detailing how the church protesters gang up on incoming customers, telling them they will go to hell if they enter the club. In fact, CNN reported that customers had their license plate numbers posted online after protesters took photos of customers and their vehicles. Apparently, the church has been protesting the stip club for about nine years, and after church members started getting hostile with the gentleman's club customers, more than 30 supporters of the Foxhole clubs marched to the church and sat across the street to protest the church. Some supporters were topless, others carried signs, all were waiting for the church sermon to be over so they could greet the church-goers.

Pastor Bill Dunfee said he wasn’t mad at all, he was glad the girls were closer to church. According to The Coshocton Tribune, Dunfee plans to "directly confront the situation next Sunday starting with 9:30 a.m. Sunday school.” However, Dunfee might want to consider handing out blind-folds for those who are against seeing what God gave to women; the gentleman’s club owner said he and other supporters are planning more top-less protests against the church. Although, there have not been any official lawsuits filed, George said he intends to investigate what legal actions can be pursued to stop the churches harassment because it has led to many customers leaving and the club losing business.

“Jesus is our judge, these people are not our judge, these people do not choose where we work, this is America -- we choose to where we work,” said dancer, Laura Meske.

Eve’s Angels, a non-profit organization said something needs to stop both parties. In a Facebook event post, the group said the topless protests and church protest signs calling dancers “'whores' and 'evil-doers' is discrimination and none of these actions represent Jesus Christ.” The group hopes to find a way to calm both parties.

The pastor said, “they are lost, they're lost, these individuals are going to perish unless someone goes to rescue them. These girls are the victims of the sexual industry.” But are the dancers really victims if they made the choice to work in a club?

“I’m not here trying to hurt anybody, I just want them to know -- I’m not going to sit back and let them come to my place of business and harass me, harass my customers” said dancer Veronica.

Future topless protests are planned at the church, as the owner, employees, and other supporters are tired of the harassment and feel the church has gone too far.

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