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Ohio Christians outraged as Muslims attempt to hijack Jesus Christ

Billboard purchased by "Ask a Muslim"
Billboard purchased by "Ask a Muslim"
Free Republic

According to reports there’s an Islamic group in Ohio who is trying to hijack the name of Christ for their own benefit.

“Ask a Muslim” has been buying billboard space across the state and advertising that “Jesus is a Muslim,” which has drawn harsh criticism from Christians across the state who view such a phrase as insulting.

From the Free Republic:

Controversial billboards in Columbus, Ohio, reading "Jesus is Muslim" and "Mohammed is in the Bible" are drawing protests from local Christians who say Muslims are "hijacking" the name of Jesus.

"Although we support the Islamic community's right to free speech, as well as their right to post messages on billboards, we do not support the hijacking of the name of Jesus Christ in their attempt to lure uninformed Christians into their religion," Coach Dave Daubenmire of Pass the Salt Ministries said in a statement Thursday.

Daubenmire is hosting a prayer vigil on Saturday alongside the Rev. Rusty Thomas of Operation Save America and Pastor Bill Dunfee of New Beginnings Church in Warsaw.

The billboards are sponsored by a group called "Ask a Muslim," based in Columbus, which says that it is dedicated to educating people about Islam.

"We believe that clearing up the many misconceptions about Islam will make this world a better place. A place with less violence and hatred, filled with mutual respect and understanding," the group says.

The group argues on its website that Muslims are actually Christians, if "Christian" is taken to mean someone following the teachings of Christ.

So where are the atheists with this one? They’re out combatting people putting up memorial crosses for their deceased loved ones and protesting the mere mention of God in a public setting, yet allow things like this to go uninhibited.

Could you ever imagine if Christians started to claim Muhammed as a Christian? The outrage wouldn’t end until every person who made such a claim had their heads detached from their bodies in the most grotesque way, not to mention there would be suicide bombings at churches and they’d wage a holy war. The double standard is sickening, and it’s going to be what destroys this country in one way or another.

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