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Ohio boy makes finger gun at school, gets suspended

A boy at an Ohio elementary school is learning a hard lesson by way of suspension. According to The Columbus Dispatch on Tuesday, the 10-year-old was suspended from school for three days for making a gun shape with his hands. The principal of Devonshire Alternative Elementary School stated that Nathan Entingh pointed a ‘level 2 lookalike firearm’ and another student and pretended he was shooting.

A boy made a finger gun with his hands
Flickr Creative Commons, Ross Griff

But Nathan says other kids play around the way he was playing, and they haven’t been suspended. On the other side of the issue, District Spokesman Jeff Warner says this means that Nathan should have known better. Warner notes that at least three warning newsletters have been sent home with the kids. He said that Nathan pretended to shoot “execution style” with his finger to the side of the kid’s head.

Nathan’s father Paul says that the adults are the ones acting childish. He notes the fact that the offending ‘firearm’ is just a finger and that even a plastic gun would make more sense for this kind of punishment. For just using the finger, he says he would have been fine if his son received an in-school suspension.

The reason for the harsh punishment is that school officials say they have a ‘zero-tolerance’ policy about guns. Do you think this policy is preventing any real harm from coming to the students? Or do the suspensions just create more trouble overall?

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