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Ohio bar shooting: Arrest made; 3 killed including cop

Ohio bar shooting: Arrest made; 3 killed including cop.
Ohio bar shooting: Arrest made; 3 killed including cop.
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Ohio bar shooting arrest was made. 3 people were killed, including and off-duty cop in Fremont, OH. According to United Press International on Mar. 11, a 33-year-old local man was arrested.

Igmidio Mista, who is not a U.S. citizen, was arraigned at a hearing Monday afternoon and held without bond on three counts of first degree murder.

Ohio bar shooting suspect was denied bond due to information about his access to weapons and to protect the safety of the community. Mista has been charged with the murders of Jose Andy Chavez, 26, an off-duty police officer, and Fremont residents Ramiro Sanchez, 28, and Daniel Ramirez, 25. A fourth person, Ramiro Arreola, 25, was injured, but released from Toledo Hospital.

According to a witness, the fight, which led to the Ohio bar shooting, started with a punch thrown by the suspect at one of the victim's wives. Mista left the Last Call Bar early Sunday morning and returned with a gun.

The fight started with the suspect arguing with one of the victim's wives before he punched her in the face. When Mista returned to the bar with a gun, he opened fire, killing three and injuring one.

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