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Ohayocon rings in 2014 despite the snow

The annual anime, video game, and pop culture convention in Columbus was packed this year with attendees not afraid to brave the winter weather. This year’s Ohayocon theme was magical girls, and there was no shortage of them around – even Deadpool cosplayers got in on it, one going so far as dressing up as Sailor Moon!

Cloud is ready for action!
Photo by TK8919 Photography

The lines for events were long, but well-handled by the attentive staff. The dealer’s room hosted a large number of vendors, and the artist’s alley displayed a wide variety of excellent talent. While numerous panels and guests kept some con-goers busy, activities were constant in the game room. The setup worked well and was organized between two connected rooms. One side had con favorites such as Dance Dance Revolution and Japanese drumming arcade games, while the other room held the console games. Super Smash Bros. and Mario Kart were fan favorites, and some players who felt less competitive could opt for co-operative mode on games like Resident Evil 6.

As with other conventions of its type, Ohayocon had no shortage of costumers, and impressive ones at that. Survival horror games are always a big hit in the area, and the cosplays are the ultimate tribute by fans. A great example: Pyramid Heads are one of the most iconic and frightening enemies found in the Silent Hill games, and seeing one come to life – on stilts at that- was definitely a highlight of the weekend. Seeing this monstrosity shamble through and tower over the crowd brought the infamous villain to life. Resident Evil had a large group of cosplayers as well, with nearly any character a fan could want – even two Raccoon City police officers (one even had his hand wrapped and wasn’t sure about that odd man who bit him). There were also some cosplayers from the newest Revelations installment and some BSAA soldiers from Resident Evil 6.

Superhero costumes were a hit all weekend (perhaps some Marvel VS Capcom should be reenacted next year) as well as Final Fantasy. Sephiroths, Clouds, Vincents, and more celebrated their fandom with intricately detailed costumes, one that even included Sephiroth carrying the head of the deceased Jenova. The Legend of Zelda was also popular, as numerous Links were around, accompanied by Malons, Princess Zeldas, and Sheiks. There were so many fantastic costumes that it is impossible to comment on all of them, but as always, a big thumbs up to the cosplay community in bringing beloved characters to life!

While the weather tried to interfere, Ohayocon still went smoothly and attracted enormous amounts of attendees. It remains the largest convention of its kind in the state, and is always worth the drive!

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