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Oh what a feelin' when I Swiffer on the ceiling

Make your Fall cleaning easier with a Swiffer Sweepvac
Make your Fall cleaning easier with a Swiffer Sweepvac
Rebecca Adams

Our household cleaning routine just made a dramatic change - we went from having mostly carpet to almost entirely all floors. With two kids and some cats in the house, it's important to note that dust, hair and whatever particles circulate into the house are NOT caught by carpet any more. A new strategy must be implemented.

Since it's been so rainy (and NOT sunny) most of September here in Minnesota, I didn't fully notice all the cobwebs from summer, the little shards past construction work or the cracker crumbs stuck in corners of rooms where children should not have been eating in the first place. This week, the sun shines brightly into my dirty house.

My husband brought home a Swiffer Sweepervac (TM) (see picture) - the kind with the nimble vacuum head, removal bin for easy discarding and the traditional dry sweep sheet. I looked up, down and all around me and said with Swiffer in hand, "This had better work."

And it DID. The combination of both the vacuum suction and the wiping of the Swiffer cloth that attracted the dirt/dust that didn't get sucked up did the trick! We have a textured ceiling in most of our house - cobwebs stick to that pretty well. Easily, I ran the vacuum close around the ceiling, as if moving a magic wand, and it all went away.

The Swiffer Sweepervac is small enough to get behind and under furniture - it's well known for that. What I also liked, is that I can flip it sideways and hold it in any position (it's very light like a broom). It worked great for cleaning up in the floor of our closets behind boxes. I was shocked at how much I picked in in them (yes - admitting this publicly).

I see this working especially well for all those beautiful older homes I see in our area. I also was able to lightly tap around light fixtures easily in the bathrooms and dining room - I am sure many older homes have a lot of nooks and crannies to clean.

So, if you want to make your Fall cleaning a little easier this year, plus save yourself some back strain for everyday cleaning, I'd recommend a Swiffer Sweepervac for your home.

I found a coupon for it on their site: You might want to check if your local Target has additional offers - that's where we got ours.


  • Michael Schlottman 4 years ago

    Thanks for the info! My wife and I have been looking for something to make life easier on the wood floors.

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