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Oh no! It's going to rain again this weekend!

As Credence Clearwater Revival put it, “have you ever seen the rain coming down on a sunny day?” Vegas has. But not in almost a month! And before that, it was over 50 days, the longest dry run in the city’s recorded history (as noted by the Las Vegas Sun -! Yet the hardy people of the desert are getting antsy. Rain might put a damper on yet another beautiful weekend that they can be spending out of doors; even if they had the chance to spend the past who knows how many weekends taking advantage of their great situation.

As desert dwellers, Las Vegans and southwesterners as a whole are pretty spoiled by their mild winters. They know no other place on Earth has such comfortable winters. The Northeast will attest to this. Everyone undoubtedly wanted a piece of Las Vegas while their hometowns were frozen. Las Vegans looked on with empathy and then went outside to enjoy their sunshine for the rest of the country. It is only a matter of time before bad weather hits.

This so called “winter storm” forecasted for this weekend will most likely bring a few clouds to the region, followed by high winds, a slight drizzle, and – yes – some sunshine. This might spoil a few common weekend activities, but not all. Such weather is a photographer’s dream (as long as the camera remains dry) and hot springs soakers might be stoked for some cooler temperatures. Those who simply like to appreciate nature with their own eyes might find this weekend to be the perfect time to witness the power of the elements. They might be lucky enough to find rare desert flowers or green patches of otherwise dry shrubs fed by the heightened moisture in the air.

Whatever Las Vegans decide to do this weekend, they should be aware that rain can be dangerous in the desert. Roads could get slippery and there would be a great risk of flash floods. Other than that, it should be a spectacular weekend, Las Vegas, so enjoy it!

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