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Oh my God! New York passes Same Sex Marriage Bill- is California next?

I am sure by now you know the Governor of New York passed the Bill that makes it legal for couples of the same sex to marry one another . The list of States embracing this 21st Century definition of marriage, including our Nation’s Capitol seems to be growing every six months. Can California be next?

Same Sex Marriage Status in America
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Los Angeles is documented as having the largest Gay population in America. If this same pattern holds true, you can be sure Gay Rights Activists will pursue their agenda until they get what they want. However, people who attempt to re-define God’s definition for marriage (a man and a woman) don’t realize when it is all said and done, His Word will stand.

This is not a sermon, but the Bible is clear about the dire consequences of un-repented sexual sin; whether it is heterosexual or homosexual. Yes, I have heard Gays just want to have the same rights and privileges as non-gay couples. The problem with that ideal is it totally is opposite of God’s Devine order for life. Whether you are straight or gay, none of us created the Universe-God did. Only He has the right to determine laws that govern our lives.

In spite of what appears to be failure on the part of Christians who voted against the Gay Marriage Bill, God is still in control. He allows man to get what they think they want until one day they sadly realize they should have obeyed God’s plan for their lives. You may remember, the children of Israel pleaded God for a king. His response was you don’t need a king. Ultimately, it was Israel’s stubborn persistence to have a king rule over them that caused them to be put back in captivity.

Is this where America is headed- captivity? Will it take the lawmakers and citizens of the greatest Country in the world to fall from God’s grace to its knees to save our future? The answer is a resounding yes! History has proven man’s rebelliousness against God’s prescription for life always ends in sickness. Just look at the collapse of the housing market. For years God sent warnings to decision makers on Wall Street.

On a positive note, us Believers who stand up for the truth don’t have to be in fear though. Our Heavenly Father will protect those who put their trust in Him. We may not always be successful in enforcing God’s Laws in Government, but one thing we can do is teach our children and descendants what the Word of God says about marriage. No one can take that right away from us.

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