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Oh Mai Tardi! Vegetarian Paradise

Mai Tardi | 163 NE 39th street, Miami, FL 33137 | T: 305-572-1400

One important part of eating healthy while eating out is eating foods prepared with fresh ingredients. After visiting Mai Tardi on Wednesday for the second time, I realized they were not a one hit wonder. While I waited in the relaxed atmosphere, with my warm bread with a crunchy shell and some bits of olive oil and vinegar, I realized that they are right, when you are here you wish time were not of the essence!

During my first visit, I focused on the light and simple linguine al farro. It is a vegetarian dish, prepared with emmer wheat pasta, portobello mushrooms, asparagus, sundried tomatoes, and aged ricotta. It is simple and light in its preparation, but rich in flavor as it allows you to savor the ingredients in each bite. I left after that visit feeling satisfied and not overstuffed.

During my second visit, I had the spinaci e caprino salad (spinach and goat cheese salad) . This is also a vegetarian dish prepared with fresh spinach, goat cheese, sundried tomatoes, roasted pine nuts, portobello mushrooms, and raspberry vinaigrette. This salad was also very filling and rich in the ABCs of  vitamins from the spinach, iron from the sun-dried tomatoes, and a dose of healthy fat from the pine nuts which gave it a kick of crunch and flavor.

I am hoping to go back and try the arancini, the ceci e farro, and the quinoa alle melanzane. Check back for the next update! If you have had these, please do share your thoughts.

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