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Oh Joy! August is National Sandwich Month

Sandwiches!  This is a good thing
Sandwiches! This is a good thing

Sandwiches, one of this writers favorite foods; everything from big, crusty, meaty sandwiches filled with everything you can think of to wee, delicate little watercress or cucumber sandwiches with the crusts cut off ... sandwiches are a delight and a joy.

What would Thanksgiving be without that turkey and cranberry sandwich the next day? How can you have Christmas without a roast beef sandwich the day after? Consider a classic ham sandwich with several slices of good Swiss cheese, lots of tomato and lettuce and excellent hot and spicy brown mustard?

Oh, and here’s one of my favorites, avocado and Swiss cheese on a wheat-berry type bread. BLT – right on, PB&J – of course, and who can pass up those two ol’ standards, egg or tuna salad? Sausage sandwiches – yes please, with lots of grilled onions. I had an abalone steak sandwich once, now that was elegant!

If you are a gardener, try this, fry an egg, make two pieces of toast, put the egg on one of the pieces of toast, go out in the garden and start picking young lettuces and bits of your various herbs, including arugula. A delightful combination of flavors, embodying all the freshness of summer.

Thinking outside the box sandwiches: consider a sandwich of extra sharp Cheddar cheese topped with slices of crisp apple – delightful, or spread thin slices pumpernickel with a ripe brie and top with sliced strawberries. Oh yes, one from my childhood, toasted pumpernickel with honey and chunky raw peanut butter. My son likes to mush bananas with maple syrup and use that with chunky peanut butter. Cheddar and chutney... that’s pretty yummy as well.

“But I’m a vegan.” Oh have no fear. This here is an exciting sandwich to please vegetarians and carnivores alike:

Grill slices of big portable mushrooms, and roast a sweet ripe red pepper. Split a crusty sourdough roll and toast it. Now build your perfect sandwich with the grilled mushroom, roasted pepper, slices of sweet purple onion and add a good sweet and hot brown mustard. This goes particularly well with a good brown ale.

Enjoy and Huzzah for the Earl of Sandwich!

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