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Oh heck yes: It’s Junk Food Day

Oh heck yes: It’s Junk Food Day
Oh heck yes: It’s Junk Food Day
Sandra Perez

Great news for all food junkies – Monday, July 21, is Junk Food Day! If you don’t eat junk food on a regular basis because you caught the “health bug” or “gym bug” this summer, Junk Food Day is your chance to eat up without a guilt trip after.

Junk food is basically anything that’s delicious. Yeah, I said it. Everyone that “eats clean” wishes they didn’t, and in the back of their mind they know they don’t like it! Some yummy examples are pizza, chocolate, candy, chips, fast food, and of course, donuts.

Forget the calories and spoil your taste buds with your favorite snacks at least once today. Or, just stand by with your veggies and drool as the rest of us munch on. I’m not saying to pick up junk food as a lifestyle from now on, remember that excessive junk food consumption is not good for your health. But it never killed anyone to take a little break for one meal (or three).

The origin of Junk Food Day is not known as no one has claimed it. It is also not a national holiday, according to Holiday Insights. The source shares that a national holiday requires an Act of Congress, and we very much doubt that they would support Junk Food Day.

Did you know July is National Ice Cream Month? Perfect for Junk Food Day and the hot temperatures we’re having. Satisfy your ice cream craving on Junk Food Day!

Other food holidays that are coming up are Lollipop Day on July 20, National Vanilla Ice Cream Day on July 23, Lasagna Day on July 29, Cheesecake Day on July 30, and more – stay tuned!