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'Oh Crap' app worries cops: Walks you through DUI and records it for court

'Oh Crap' app raising concerns today on DUI stop dangers.
'Oh Crap' app raising concerns today on DUI stop dangers.

The “Oh Crap” app has some law enforcement officers concerned today. This “Oh Crap” app is designed to use if you get pulled over under the suspicion of drunk driving, according to on March 30.

This is where the words “Oh Crap” come in, as it might be something you say when first seeing lights flashing in your rear-view mirror. Created by a lawyers, you turn on the app when you first realize you are being pulled over.

The app gives you some calming advice and also informs you of your rights during a suspected DUI stop. One of the main functions of this “Oh Crap” app is that it turns on the recording device on your phone and allows you to record the entire conversation with the law enforcement officer.

This can be very helpful in court, if this is where this DUI stop eventually leads you. The recording is sent to a lawyer for safe keeping once it is finished. The app lists the blood alcohol limits and a blood alcohol calculator that figures out what yours might be with the amount of drinks you just consumed.

Sheriff Gardner of Lynn County has concerns that this app is just trying to help the individual beat a DUI charge. If it would stop people from driving drunk, he is all for it, but it is something to use after you have a few drinks and jumped behind the wheel.

He is also concerned that with people fiddling with their phone while turning on the app that a police officer might mistake it for a weapon. So far the app has been downloaded about 4,000 times since it was launched about a year ago.

Now that it is making national news, the app will probably get tons more hits.

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