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Oh captain, where art thou?


An icon returns.

Freedom isn’t dead; it’s just trapped in a time riff?! Ed Brubaker, author of multiple award winning comic books, brings us an interesting perspective on the death and rebirth of super hero Captain America in the new five part series Captain America Reborn. Brubaker shows us that death is only a minor inconvenience to the shield wielding, freedom loving Marvel hero.

Captain America Reborn begins with Sharon Carter, Ex-S.H.I.E.L.D. agent and ex-lover of Captain America, confessing to Hank Pym (the Wasp) that she was unwillingly the second shooter in the assassination of Steve Rogers (Captain America). She reveals that while being held captive by the Red Skull, she was being used to power a version of Doom’s time platform to retrieve Rogers’s body from a rift in time. Before the retrieval could be completed Carter destroyed the machine and barely escaped with her life. Pym and Carter seek out Reed Richards (Mr. Fantastic) to help analyze the situation and verify the possibility that Rogers is alive. While the meeting is going on Bucky Barnes (New Captain America) and Natasha Romanoff (Black Widow) are on their way to infiltrate the H.A.M.M.E.R. helicarrier to find out more information on Norman Osborne’s plan. They easily fight their way through a horde of guards only to be ambushed by Osborne’s Dark Avengers, Ares god of war and Venom. The race to retrieve Steve Rogers first has begun.

All through the first issue the reader is shown various flashbacks of Rogers’s life from the death of his mother to his grueling battles in World War II. One might think this is just another tired regurgitation of a hero’s origin story until you come to realize that Dr. Zola’s haunting words are true, “Steve Rogers has come unstuck in time.” Overall this is first issue begins a very enticing story line that I give three out of four shields.