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Oglala, Lakota designer Edison Ritchie at 2014 'Portland Fashion Week'

The “Portland Fashion Week” (April 25-27, 2014) is the 3rd longest fashion week in history behind Los Angeles & New York. It originated back in 2002 & this year it was held in the memorial coliseum at Portland, Oregon. It covers two days of fashion from top talented designers & among them is a Native American named Edison Ritchie (Oglala, Lakota). His clothing premiere showcase was called, “Revolution Couture” created by of course the “Edison Ritchie Project.”

The "Edison Ritchie Project" called "Revolution Couture"
Hal Harrison Photography

Ritchie says of his new line of clothing, “My inspiration comes from the social activism of Indigenous peoples of the world. The line also is embellished with my signature art symbol representing the star and the four directions. This symbol has been with me since my first day of art school (which) has evolved.”

Ritchie recently stated that he put his local Pine Ridge, South Dakota native models through “model boot camp” before heading to Portland. Those models are, Katie New Holy, Marcus Bear Eagle, Lindsey New Holy, Tyler One Horn, Jamie White Face (Miss Oglala Nation), Akisia Milk, Alicia Washington, Kyerin Bennette, Cole Brings Plenty, Juwan Lakota & Klay Anne Lyman.

The local “Portland Mercury” critic Marjorie Skinner wrote, “Created by Native American designer Edison Ritchie of South Dakota's Pine Ridge Reservation - his collection seemed to be part protest/reclamation of the mainstream appropriation of his culture - there were feathers and fringes aplenty, as well as a protest against the Keystone XL Pipeline.”

The new documentary film titled, “Emerging” will have Ritchie as one of many fashion designer subjects in it. The official website of the “Internet Movie Database” (IMDB) has the synopsis right here, “This is an educational, editorial, and artistic review on emerging fashion as it is expressed for the consumer, the creators, critics, editors, buyers, fashion models, and its' followers.”

“This editorial journey will follow the models, designers, buyers and internationals with full access to every angle of what goes into making a fashion week possible. The process for us starts on Jan. 1, 2014 and ends on New Year's Day 2015, with a conclusive full year review of fashion from inside out.”

If you want more information the “Edison Ritchie Project” who is also a hair dresser & make up artist. You can visit the Facebook Page of “Native Fashion Week, Music & Art Showcase.”

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