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Oggi’s in Apple Valley site of tonight’s Sheriff Paul fundraiser

If you would like a plate of spaghetti and a chance to support Paul Schrader in his election for Sheriff of San Bernardino County, you can do both tonight, Feb. 4, at Oggi’s in Apple Valley. The fundraiser begins at 4 p.m. and will continue through 9 p.m.

Sheriff Paul Fundraiser
Courtesy of Paul Schrader

Schrader is one of three candidates for the office of Sheriff in San Bernardino County. John McMahon, who was appointed and not elected, is also running for the seat along with Clifton Harris, a former employee of the department.

Schrader is running as a “Constitution Sheriff.” As such, he is a strong supporter of the United States Constitution, including the Second Amendment. He promises a streamlined process for obtaining concealed weapons permits, elimination of DUI checkpoints as a violation of the Fourth Amendment and action against government employees who overstep their authority and violate the constitution rights of citizens.

Not long after his appointment by the San Bernardino County Board of Supervisors, current Sheriff McMahon instituted a gun buy-back program using Proposition 30 monies to purchase gift cards from Stater Bros. to encourage gun owners to turn in their guns. The CEO of Stater Bros. is Jack Brown, a strong supporter of Sheriff McMahon and a member of the Sheriff’s Executive Council. San Bernardino County is known statewide as the most corrupt county in California with numerous county officials having been indicted, forced to resign and sent to prison.

Under McMahon and former Sheriff Rod Hoops, who resigned mid-term to make way for McMahon to be appointed, the department has been riddled with multi-million dollar lawsuits over a variety of civil rights and human resources complaints. Settlements to date are in the millions of dollars with numerous other suits working their way through the state and federal court system.

To lessen the chances of a lawsuit, Schrader proposes that all deputies wear label cameras while on duty. Such programs have proven effective in reducing lawsuits and citizen complaints.

If you would like to learn more about what changes Schrader proposes, he will be available at tonight’s fundraiser. The cost for dinner is $10. Oggi’s is located at 19201 Bear Valley Road, Building D, Apple Valley. For more information, you can call DeAnn at (760) 694-0606.

To learn more about Paul, check out his website at

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