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Often repeated health myths that are totally wrong

So many of these things you've been told about what to eat or drink or what is healthy or what is supposedly going to kill you are totally wrong, and in many instances based on junk science or politically correct agendas promoted by junk science. We've been told so much conflicting “health” advice by so many alleged experts that our heads often spin when we try to figure out which is the legitimate information and which is junk science garbage. We shouldn't get so skeptical of health advice in general, that we ignore all of it and just assume that since everything is going to kill us, we have no worries. But the agenda-driven and repeatedly media reported advice of so-called experts (often they are connected with drug companies or agenda-driven groups and have motive to put out inaccurate health advice) that get it wrong. But they repeat these myths so many times, with the aid of a willing media, that way too many people believe the myths and even willingly dispute the truth when they hear it. But this isn't just a matter of opinion, and good science leads us to truth, and there is truth out there. Even on these issues. Below are some of the most widely reported health advice myth that are entirely wrong for most of us.

Maybe you should NOT get that flu shot?
ABC News

Everyone should get a flu shot. This is among the most wrong of wrong “health” advice that is spread by doctors, medical “authorities,” drugs companies that make billions on ineffective and unnecessary flu vaccines, and a willing media that has been hoodwinked to believe they are performing a public service to promote the notion that everyone should get a flu shot. For basic health reasons, we should have needles stuck in our arms to pump stuff into our bodies as infrequently as possible, and only for good reasons. There are instances when there is a good reason to take a shot, like having been bit by an animal and getting rabies shots, or a medical emergency where medication administered by taking a shot remedies it. But flu shots, quite simply, don't do what they are advertised to do, they are not effective and do not protect you from the flu. In addition to that, they make you more at risk for many illnesses, flu-like and not flu-like, as well as the strains of influenza that are not targeted by the vaccine. Additionally, some will get flu-like symptoms from the shot itself, which is why many report they get the flu right after taking the shot. While flu shots don't work, they also contain many hazardous chemicals that should never be injected into your flesh. So why take a flu shot, that doesn't protect you from anything, and might make you sick. It might even severely ruin your health by causing something like Guillen-Barre Syndrome. The bottom line is, if you don't want to get sick or possibly maimed, say NO to flu shots. Always.

Eating saturated fats causes heart disease and will kill you. This is one of the most prominent of all health hoaxes, that is still widely spread, widely believed, preached by most doctors, the medical establishment, the media, the First Lady of the United States and many others, and it's totally wrong. It is as wrong as wrong can be, and there is no legitimate science behind it, only junk science based on an ages old discredited study that few dare to question even to this day. And it's also promoted by food industries that make products like margazine, vegetable oil, and other truly unhealthy products that have been promoted as “healthy” alternatives to the food products they demonized, like bacon and butter. Dr. Mercola explains how the basis for claim, a debunked study conducted years ago, has been the “evidence” of this claim for decades.

You should drink skim milk rather than whole milk. This is wrong also. The popular television doctor, Dr. Oz, has called skim milk “sugar milk” because when the fat is removed, all the nutrition is removed, leaving only sugar that naturally occurs in milk. The nutition in milk is in the “fat” in the milk, the healthy part that used to be called cream, and removing that to create skim milk makes it devoid of nutrition, lacking flavor, and as useless as drinking colored water. Dr. Mercola says eating full-fat dairy products and drinking whole milk is far more healthy than the low fat or non fat counterparts. Additionally, skim milk is linked to higher risk of prostate cancer in men, whereas drinking real (whole) milk is not.

Fluoride should be added to the drinking water. Nope, quite the opposite. Fluoride is added to the drinking water based on the claim it is health for teeth and decreases cavities. This is not true, and what is true, is that fluoride is a poison that has place in the drinking water. Furthermore, the grade of fluoride used to fluoridate drinking water is poisonous, considered hazardous toxic waste, and might be be radioactive because of it's source. Read more here.

That is just a few health myth debunked. In the next part of this article, more commonly accepted and defended health advice myths will be debunked.

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