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Offline mode finally coming to SimCity almost one year after the game's release

It was announced on January 13, 2014 that offline mode will be coming to SimCity
It was announced on January 13, 2014 that offline mode will be coming to SimCity
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Today, January 13, General Manager of the Maxis Emeryville studio, Patrick Buechner, announced on the official SimCity blog that offline mode will finally be making its way and that they are currently in the "late phases of wrapping up its development." It has been almost a year since the game was released amongst much controversy.

According to the blog post, offline mode will be coming as a "free download with update 10 to all SimCity players."

So what exactly does this mean? What new features can we expect in single player mode? Details were limited, but something that we can expect is the ability to save and load games locally (as in on your own computer). Thusly, eliminating any kind of downtime or wait for your game. There was no word, though, on if it will run independent of Origin.

Those greatly affected by this news will be members of the modding community. Maxis, who is completely aware of this, has even offered to roll out tutorials to help "inspire" those wanting to mod the game. It should be noted that there is a policy though when it comes to modding. That can be found here.

What about multiplayer? Buechner assured players that the same features will still be available if they decide to ever log online to play the game.

Coincidently, while this news comes as a relief to some players, others still had many complaints. One of them being the overall size of the cities that players are given. The demand is for much larger playing areas.

The fact that offline mode, for a game that was made with the intent of only being online shows that they are listening, and there is a good chance they still are. One thing at a time folks. You may be able to build whole regions in a day in SimCity, but games in real life take time.

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