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Officials may have spotted a door of missing Malaysia Airlines jet

The investigation into Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 that vanished en-route to Beijing, China early Saturday morning continues as search teams from several countries - including the United States try to recover evidence to explain what caused the Boeing 777 aircraft's disappearance over the South China Sea.

Investigators say the may have found a door to the missing Malaysian Airlines jet.

A state run newspaper quoted Vietnam Army Deputy Chief of Staff, Lt. Gen. Vo Van Tuan as saying a low-flying plane spotted what is believed to be a door from the missing Boeing 777 jet in waters about 56 miles south of Tho Chu island, where oil slicks were reportedly evidenced on Saturday.

"From this object, hopefully (we) will find the missing plane," Tuan said.

Malaysian officials have launched a terror probe into the disappearance of the Malaysia Airlines flight after the discovery that two passengers managed to board the plane using stolen passports and aviation experts said it is possible that the plane disintegrated mid-flight, Reuters reports.

On Sunday, Tony Blinken, President Obama’s deputy national security adviser said the U.S. government has joined the investigation into what caused the plane to come down.

“The FBI, the National Transportation Safety Board, the [Federal Aviation Administration], all of them are heading to the area to help with the investigation,” he told NBC. “Lots of questions have been raised, we don’t have the answers yet. We’ll get them.”

However, later on Sunday, Reuters reported that a senior U.S. law-enforcement official said the FBI has not sent agents to Kuala Lumpur to assist in the investigation of a Malaysian Airlines plane mystery.

According to Malaysia Airline's official website, three Americans, including one infant are among the 239 people aboard Flight MH370.

With no solid evidence, Rep. Peter King, Chairman of the Counterterrorism and Intelligence subcommittee told NBC it remains unclear what went wrong. Rep. King said there was no distress call, no mayday, or signal of any kind. Rep. King clearly did not rule out the possibility of terrorism.

Rep. King noted.that the plane came out of Malaysia, which has been a hub of hijack activity. Prior to the attack on the U.S.S. Cole, there was a meeting in Malaysia and that many of the 9/11 hijackers went through Malaysia. Rep. King further stated:

“So you put all that together and you have two people travelling with stolen passports on the same flight, this has to be looked at and I can assure you that our counter-terrorism people are scrolling through all the databases and looking at getting the identification of the two who were travelling on stolen passports.

“We cannot make any conclusions, but considering what’s happened in the past and considering the stolen passports we have to certainly consider the issue of terrorism and exhaust every possible investigative technique.”

In the meantime, distressed family members of those identified as passengers and crew aboard Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 wait for answers.

Check back for updates as the investigation continues.

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