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Official Korean Pokemon site leaks two new Mega Evolutions

Slowbro and Audino get Mega Evolution forms in the upcoming Ruby and Sapphire remakes
Slowbro and Audino get Mega Evolution forms in the upcoming Ruby and Sapphire remakes

Earlier today the Official Pokemon website of Korea accidentally revealed information about two new Mega Evolutions that will be debuting in the upcoming Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire games.

The two Pokemon receiving these Mega Evolutions are Slowbro, who was introduced back in Generation I, and Audino, a relatively newer Pokemon from Generation V.

Upon Mega Evolution Audino will add the Fairy-type, making it a Normal/Fairy-type Pokemon. It will also gain the Healer ability, which gives it a 30% chance of curing the status condition of an adjacent ally in a double or triple battle.

Audino's design never really resembled much, making it hard to compare it to any real life creature. This doesn't change much with its Mega Evolution, although it has become a bit easier to see some features that one could find on a rabbit. Its most prominent color is white, which fits nicely into the theme of Audino having many nurse like traits.

As for the second Mega Evolution revealed today, we got a look at Mega Slowbro. While it will be keeping its Water/Psychic-typing, it does gain Shell Armor ability, which prevents critical-hits.

Mega Slowbro has to to be one of my favorite designs of any Pokemon, new or old. Slowbro itself is a weird and kooky Pokemon, but stuffing it inside its Shellder shell just takes it to a whole new level of ridiculous. This is a fun change that really fits the personality of the Pokemon and with a look like this, it will definitely be featured on my team.

With Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire releasing in November, the people at Pokemon have provided a cavalcade of information about their newest games. While these titles are supposed to remakes, it appears they will also be stuffed to the brim with new features.

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