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'Official Jack' interview on presenting awards, 'Jack-Grams' and scary guy

On March 1, 2014, the Penrose-St. Francis Health Services, out of Colorado Springs, Colo., announced publicly that their 2014 awards presenter is "Jack Nicholson!" Chosen to be the iconic actor for the filmed awards presentation (link below) was none other then the "Official Jack" Jack Bullard.

Jack Bullard as "Official Jack" (as in Jack Nicholson)
Jack Bullard as "Official Jack," Photo: Courtesy
Jack Bullard
Jack Bullard as "Official Jack and scary guy," Photo: Courtesy

Bullard is a top notch professional Nicholson impersonator who just moved to Las Vegas from Colorado Springs, and he graciously agreed to an interview with

What's it like being in Vegas and returning to Colorado for work?

"Vegas has always felt like home, and I'm just glad to be here. It was great returning to Colorado, not only for work, but to visit family and friends."

One of the awards presented by "Jack" during the filming, was the "One of America's Best 50 Hospitals Award." Representative hospital employees are also shown accepting their awards from "Jack."

This event was not the only one credited with nominations and awards. Jack Bullard as Jack Nicholson was recently nominated in the "Best of Vegas Impersonators" category!

When it comes to the Penrose-St. Francis Awards Ceremony, presenting as "Jack," Bullard had this to say.

"This was quite an honor for me, and I was flattered that they asked. It's actually quite an honor for them! They wanted to do something fun to share with all their employees. Being Oscar season (Nicholson won three of the golden lads), it was sort of natural to focus around that."

Was this a scripted ceremony, and what was the health services team like?

"I had a general idea of what to say, with a few highlights. The rest was improvisation. I have the utmost respect for all of the Penrose-St. Francis team."

When not presenting or accepting awards and nominations, Jack Bullard keeps busy with meets and greets at private parties and events. Bullard not only works locally, but will work out of the state and even out of the country!

Where did your "Official Jack" title come from?

"I work as the "Official Jack Nicholson Impersonator" for The Stanley Hotel in Estes Park. The hotel was the inspiration for the novel and film "The Shining" (1980) in which Jack Nicholson portrayed the scary guy, Jack Torrance, who was the winter caretaker of the Overlook Hotel. Now I do the honor of scaring people!"

I understand that one of your special skills, plus being "Jack," has helped you begin a "business?"

"Yes, my improvisational skills come in handy for the launch of my side business called 'Jack-Grams.' Anyone can go online and order a short clip of me as Nicholson. I can wish a recipient 'Happy Birthday' or any other greeting using their name as well and, of course, in Nicholson-like voice!

The greetings can be tailored to each occasion, and to their interests, plus I can even work in a couple of lines from favorite movies for their liking too. 'Jack-Grams' is currently available only through my website (see below)."

Thank you Jack Bullard for sharing with us. Do you have anything else coming up?

"You're welcome. Yes, I'm booked to host another awards party in Edmonton, Alberta Canada in March. I already have events, appearances and filming scheduled from April through Christmas 2014!"

For more on Jack Bullard as Jack Nicholson go to, Media Coverage and Video and Penrose-St. Francis Acceptance Speeches.

Enjoy above video on "The Life and Career of Jack Nicholson."

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