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Official hangs himself amid allegations that votes were purchased with drugs

Although it is not known why Donna School Board President Alfredo Lugo hung himself on New Years Day, his sincerely tragic end came shortly after "federal authorities arrested three women accused of buying votes for school board candidates," as reported today by Elizabeth Findell and Ildefonso Ortiz of the local news, The Monitor.

Donna Independent School Board Administration Offices

The votes were purchased with cash, food, cigarettes, beer and even illegal drugs, as reported yesterday by Sergio Chapa at Valley Central.

The voter fraud allegations are surrounding officials of the Donna Independent School District (ISD) in Donna, Texas, where the FBI arrested Diana Castañeda, Guadalupe Escamilla and Rebecca Gonzalez for serving as "politiqueras" for officials in the Donna ISD elections in November, 2012.

Castañeda, according to the authors, sometimes "...drove voters to buy drugs after they voted."

In discussing the case, Cristina Garcia of Valley Central explained that a "politiquera" is "hired by a candidate to bring in votes by paying voters." Garcia pointed her readers to a mind-boggling article from My San Antonio, which described "politiqueras" as "a tradition ingrained in the culture of the Rio Grande Valley."

At the time of the Donna ISB elections, Andrew Kreighbaum of The Monitor reported that "all four Donna school board trustees up for re-election this week maintained their seats..."

The FBI has not divulged who benefited from the voter fraud.

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