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Official ‘Bayonetta 2’ release date announced for North America

Bayonetta 2
Bayonetta 2
Photo courtesy of Nintendo, used with permission.

Nintendo of America have announced the official release date for Bayonetta 2 in North America. According to a press release issued by the company on Aug. 29, the witching hour is close at hand as Bayonetta 2 sees release exclusively for Wii U. Gamers are set to receive an early Halloween treat with Bayonetta 2 as the title has been given a release date exactly one week prior to Halloween: Oct. 24.

If you are unfamiliar with the franchise, fret not, for the retail packaged version of Bayonetta 2 comes bundled with the original Bayonetta – which features exclusive Nintendo-themed content. Expanding and evolving upon concepts from the first game, Bayonetta 2 is one of the Wii U’s most exciting releases for 2014. Featuring over-the-top battles, sexy visuals, and fluid combat, Bayonetta 2 is going to be a delicious gaming delicacy when it sees release in Oct. of this year.

Some new content gamers can expect to find in Bayonetta 2 includes a new snake transformation that will allow Bayonetta to better navigate through underwater sections. Furthermore, swapping between different types of weapons on the fly allows for imaginative move combinations. In addition to new move combinations and transformations, the game will feature two-player co-op play offered online and locally.

Platinum Games also aims to make use of the Wii U’s unique GamePad by offering players the option of playing the game entirely through touch. By tapping the GamePad’s touch-screen, players will be able to perform intense and flashy combos. This option makes the game more accessible to newcomers.

We’ll have an in-depth hands-on preview of Bayonetta 2 to share with you next week.