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Officer tripping kids as crowd control is now on paid administrative leave

An officer tripping kids at the end of a soccer game in Texas was caught on tape and now it has gone viral. Officer George Bermudez was in uniform when his method of crowd control went awry. ABC News shared the video and the details.

An officer tripping kids is now on paid leave
Screencap via Newsy

The incident came at the end of a high school state championship soccer game. After the game, and as students rushed onto the field, the officer was tripping kids as they passed him. It was all caught on video, and it is pretty disturbing. Multiple students were involved and Bermudez even shoved at least one student.

It is now reported that the officer tripping kids is on paid administrative leave as the investigation into the incident takes place. Bermudez is said to have been an officer with the department in Georgetown for nine years. KVUE notes that at least four students were tripped or pushed by the officer during the incident.

Bermudez had actually been named officer of the year last year, but the Georgetown Police Chief Wayne Nero is taking the incident seriously. Nero has indicated that a thorough investigation will be conducted and those following the case of the officer tripping kids at the soccer game will have to stay tuned to see the outcome.

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