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Officer steals watch: Cop at jewelry store break in steals a watch of his own

An officer stealing a watch at a Jared’s jewelry store – an ironic and distressing twist to a robbery scene. The officer in this case quickly became the thief, deciding to pilfer a watch of his own while he investigated the burglary, reports CBS Miami on Thursday.

Officer Kevin Burgs, a Pembroke Pines police officer from South Florida was arrested after video surveillance caught the sticky fingered cop pocketing a watch worth $795 from the Jared's Galleria of Jewelry at 11077 Pines Boulevard on Wednesday morning.

Burgs was responding to an actual break in at the store, in which police say two suspects cut a hole in the roof and stole $75,000 worth of rings, watches and necklaces, in addition to causing over $10,000 in damage to the building.

Evidently Burgs, a 9-year veteran of the department, thought what’s one more watch on top of a theft already in the tens of thousands?

The Pembroke Pines police force thought differently, issuing the following statement:

“Public trust is vital to our partnership with the community. It is important to note that we held this officer accountable for his actions and charged him appropriately,” the police department said. “We will remain transparent and provide updates as this matter progresses. This one act is not representative of the rest of our police department. We are extremely proud of our employees and thankful for their constant dedication and hard work.”

Meanwhile, Burgs was suspended, with pay mind you, pending the outcome of the internal investigation.

Cops are not doing too well in the news these days...

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