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Officer raped, killed wife: Gruesome details emerge in cop's murder-suicide

Officer raped and killed his wife new court documents detail. The Utah cop shot and killed his entire family before killing himself.

The Utah police officer who shot and killed his wife, kids and mother-in-law before turning the gun on himself had raped his wife on several occasions. New documents in this case have emerged indicating that Joshua Boren drugged and raped his wife on several occasions. This was discovered in the text messages his wife had sent him before the murder-suicide, according to ABC News on July 8.

Shortly before Joshua Boren killed his family, he had received text messages from his estranged wife threatening to leave with the kids and the messages also alluded to his wife being raped by him. The couple exchanged heated text messages the night before Boren took his family’s lives and then his own, reports MSN News.

Boren had been seeing a therapist and police learned that he had drugged his wife on several occasions and videotaped himself sexually assaulting her. His wife, Kelly Boren, had found the tapes last year and although she confided in some friends who are close to her, she didn’t go to police.

She was afraid to run her husband’s career on the police force. She had no way of knowing that a year into the future he would take the gun he was given to use as a police officer and kill his entire family with it. The Boren’s had already been separated for some time when the murder-suicide occurred.

Neighbors said that Joshua would come to the house in the morning to get the kid’s off to school and then again in the afternoon after he would pick them up at school. He was described by neighbors as an “excellent father” among the people who knew him.

The medical examiner has confirmed what police had expected that Joshua Boren killed his wife Kelly, 32, his kids, Joshua “Jaden,” 7, Haley, 5 and his 55-year-old mother-in-law before killing himself back in January. Anyone who knew the family would not have ever suspected that Joshua was capable of doing such an act.

Joshua was only three months into a career with the Lindon Police Department when the family was found dead. He used his police-issued gun to carry-out the family killings, including his own.

Joshua was described by his therapist as a “3-year-old boy stuck in a “big man’s body.” He was a “very troubled individual that felt like he was about to lose his wife and children,” according to the police reports.

Joshua had a “deep hatred” for his mother, who he blamed for not protecting him when he was abused as a child by her numerous boyfriends. His father committed suicide when he was just five-years-old.

He struggled with addictions throughout his life starting with drugs as a teen and moving onto pornography as an adult. This is one man who seemingly slipped through the cracks of the mental health system.

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