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Officer raped, killed wife: Shocking details in Joshua Boren case revealed

wikimedia commons

New reports are out that Joshua Boren who killed his entire family actually raped his wife before doing it. He was a police officer in Utah. On Monday, MSN News shared the details of this horrifying case. Joshua killed his wife, mother-in-law, two children and then himself when he was done.

Now new text messages are out about what all went down that morning between Joshua Boren and his wife. His therapist is now also revealing that Joshua would drug his wife, then sexually assault her and he would film it all going down. This happened on more than one occasion. The wife found out in 2013 but didn't want to mess up his law enforcement career so she never turned him in for it.

These texts that are now being revealed show her telling him that she hated her life now because of him. His wife Kelly Boren also asked for him to not involve the children since it was obviously not their fault at all. Police know that Josh felt like he could lose his wife and children so he was very troubled.

Reports also say that he was sexually abused as a child. Joshua Boren's father killed himself and then one of his mother's new boyfriends abused him. He had a very rough life growing up.

Joshua Boren had only been at his job for three months but he was deputy for seven years before that so he was around law enforcement for a long time. This job was not knew to him. He used his service issued weapon to kill his family.

Inquistr shared a bit more about the case saying that none of the videotapes were able to be found during the investigation. They had been separated and she obviously wasn't planning to get back together with him. This new information explains a bit more about the murders that Josh Boren committed.

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