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Officer-involved shooting leads to public debate about Spokane Police conduct

Many people are taking to online news reports to talk badly about the Spokane Police Department.
Many people are taking to online news reports to talk badly about the Spokane Police Department.
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An officer-involved shooting in Spokane has led many area residents to share their opinions on the matter. The Spokane shooting took place on Wednesday evening (March 26) against 7 p.m. PT and has grabbed headlines for how police dealt with the situation. A report on Thursday (March 27) by KREM News includes a video of what took place during the incident. That video has led to a lot of debate about how the police officers handled themselves at the scene.

March 26 Shooting Details

In the comment section of that particular KREM report, many readers have been leaving comments either in support of the actions that were taken or condemning the officers for how it was handled. It could be the perfect situation for a sociology student to study the reactions of the public when it comes to dealing with alleged criminals. It also raises interesting questions about how seriously threats against public officials and police officers should be taken when it comes to online commenting.

Below are some comments quoted word for word and with spelling or grammatical errors that have been made in response to the news story.

John J Tokin stated, "Spokane pigs AGAIN??? Im so shocked..."

Jarod Koziol stated, "I hate cops with a passion they are all gun totting hot heads that couldn't get into the military so they took a 8 week class to become a public servant hahaha the are a joke and they are the ones that need to be lined up and shot..."

Scott Forkner stated, "SPD is so corrupt it is really to sad. I have countless accounts of harassment. It is sad Spokane has potential if they did their jobs and cut back on crime... Sad."

Clint Mathews posted, "Spokane cops are just trigger happy thugs. There will be most likely another huge lawsuit and Spokane will have to pay out millions of dollars. The cops were wrong in doing what they did and will be punished."

Larry Fiechtner, disagreeing with many of the previous comments, stated, "I think if you're an armed robbery suspect, and after refusing to follow their instructions, you come out out of a house surrounded by police with a gun in your hand, that immediately transfers 100% of the responsibility for getting shot to you. Call me crazy, but I would think that would just be common sense."

Katie Northway stated, "I'm really thankful for the message that SPD sent to all the cowardly criminals in our area; if you steal by means of fear and intimidation, we will find you. If you think you can use those tactics on us; you are wrong!"

The debate on this case is expected to continue as the investigation gets underway into why the officer-involved shooting took place. The Washington State Patrol will be handling that part of it and releasing their findings to the public when it has been completed.

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