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Office Safety - Slips,Trips and Falls

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An office environment presents a unique set of potential injuries. Working virtually 100% indoors, in a seated position and usually talking on a phone, writing or typing on a computer paves the way for some of the top injuries (back and neck pains, vision strains, pain in the hands and wrists) to develop. Other injuries occur from mistakes that could happen anywhere.

We will concentrate in this article on the most common accidents in the office regarding slips, trips & falls. Some situations occur when objects are left out to trip over. Level surfaces, elevated surfaces - standing on chairs, falling out of chairs and falling down stairs.

According to Albert Einstein College of Medicine Environmental Health & Safety provides the following Tips on “How to Avoid Falls in the Office. They are:
• Look before you walk -- make sure the walkway is clear.
• If you're done with a drawer, close it immediately.
• Don't stretch to reach something while seated. Get up instead.
• Report any loose carpeting, electrical cords, etc. to someone who can have them fixed.
• Help keep the office fall-proof. This means cleaning up spills from the floor (even if you didn't spill it), picking up objects that are out of place, etc.
• Use a stepladder, not a chair, if you need to reach something overhead.”

Some additional tips:
• Be aware of your surroundings when walking.
• Provide office safety awareness for slip, trips and falls training.
• Make sure walkways are clear.
• Always keep aisles clear.
• Walk like a duck” on slippery surfaces
• Use handrails on stairs.
• Hold onto chair seats/arms when attempting to sit.
• Use approved step stools & ladders only.
• Wipe up all spills.
• Walk, don’t run.

Yes, an office environment presents a unique set of potential accidents and injuries. Office employees are part of the site Safety & Health process. By being proactive and providing ongoing office safety awareness, slip, trips and falls training, this will be a reward for any employer in the way of accident and injury prevention and employee safety satisfaction.


Albert Einstein College of Medicine Environmental Health & Safety -Tips on “How to Avoid Falls in the Office.



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