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Office morale: Bud Light Super Bowl Ad



  • Sami 5 years ago

    hey! Where's my credit for my link??
    I laugh every time I watch it. Hope they show it Sun--real family fun! lol

  • James 5 years ago

    PLEASE visit: Sami Hartsfield, Houston's Legal stuff Examiner in the Politics area. She is the Bud Light girl on the far left.

    Thank you, Sami!

  • Elizabeth 5 years ago

    James: This is shameful! Advertisers should rely on the QUALITY of their product instead of flooding the market with useless pictures of women in their undergarments or naked men in an office.
    Why is it, by the way, that the men do not look like Hugh Jackman or Matthew McConaughy but are disgusting?

  • Charles 5 years ago

    Dude, that video was hysterical! Do you really know that brunette? Care to hook a brother up?

  • Tinamarie Bernard, Modern Love Examiner 5 years ago

    I'll only leave my name once. :) Been following the discussion on linkedIn and saw your request for subcribers. I could always use more mail in my inbox. It only overflows once a day. Anyway, I'm a fan of Dudleys, he claims he likes to read my stuff - sex, tantra, you know, boring little articles about relationships - so I was inspired to visit you too. And leave a comment. Gotta keep it fresh for google. Spreading the love. :) Best, T

  • Tinamarie 5 years ago

    Oh my, that is quite clever. I laughed so hard it made me snort and wake the baby. Darnit! :)
    Seriously though, they missed a very important angle. The economy. It's the economy, stoopid. ;)

  • Samuel 5 years ago

    Do you honestly think any of us paid attention to the labor statistics you through into this article?

  • Sara 5 years ago

    James - that was quite funny!

  • Tomas 5 years ago

    I prefer the tall blonde in the hat. What abs!

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