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Office humor merges with the supernatural in 'Wolfpack of Reseda'

Ben March becomes the alpha dog of his own wolfpack, but at what cost?
Ben March becomes the alpha dog of his own wolfpack, but at what cost?
Fox Digital Entertainment

Fox Digital Entertainment has launched a new web series, entitled Wolfpack of Reseda, which attempts to blend the classic office politics humor of Office Space with the supernatural world of werewolves. The plotline follows a jaded and disgruntled 20-something car insurance salesman by the name of Ben March who ignores the advice of his friends and ventures into the woods beyond his home where he is bitten by a werewolf. Ben soon becomes the "alpha dog" of the Los Angeles suburbia, Reseda and forms his own pack. However, the question remains as Ben pushes his new abilities to their limit whether or not the beast within that has elevated his social status will eventually destroy him.

According to Matt Glotzer, senior vice president of Fox Entertainment, "Wolfpack exemplifies the kind of storytelling and distribution that is ideal for the current digital media landscape. We are very excited to be working closely with Kia and MySpace to bring this original and darkly hilarious story to a broad audience on a wide variety of platforms."

The first season of Wolfpack will consist of eight weekly episodes which will air via MySpace, as well as a variety of digital stores. This is an interesting partnership between MySpace and Fox Digital Entertainment and an experiment in distribution of original content we will be certain to watch closely to see if it can successfully serve to revive the legacy social media platform.

As for the series itself, it is difficult to get a true sense for the "darkly hilarious story" Matt Glotzer touted, but the promise is there for it perhaps evolving with future episodes. The cliche of rehashing the storyline of the disgruntled office worker with the annoying, adle-brained boss has been thoroughly put through the wringer over the past couple of decades. However, with the infusion of a supernatural element the series, which will include actors with recurring roles on The Big Bang Theory, Eastbound and Down, Lie To Me and Funny or Die Presents, may give the show the mass media appeal needed to gather a commited fan base. Time will only tell.

Check out the first episode of Wolfpack of Reseda on MySpace at


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