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Office etiquette: Top ten annoying behaviors of coworkers

Annoying attributes of coworkers
Annoying attributes of coworkers

In every office, there are unspoken rules of behavior (office etiquette) that most people follow without fault. Then there’s another group in the office who firmly believe that those common courtesy rules have nothing to do with them.

When a colleague ignores the rules, spoken or unspoken, they can set off a spark of animosity; and everything goes downhill from there. So what types of actions break the office etiquette code? Let’s find out!

Top ten annoying behaviors of coworkers

  1. Dismissing punctuality Paul- No concern about when he arrives in the morning and or leaves in the afternoon. No respect for set meeting times or structured lunch hours. To Paul time is simply a suggestion.
  2. Paper pusher Polly- Everyone likes to have a project they can call their own and it fits in well with the rest of their daily tasks. Well, along comes Polly and she swipes a stack of papers and says she’ll take care of filling these for you. What?!?! Not that anyone would ever fight over who gets to file; however it’s still your work and you want to see it through the very last step.
  3. Candy snatcher Cindy- This person knows what is in each candy dish around the office. They also know when each person leaves, so they can bounce on the unattended candy dish. If you want chocolate that much, go buy a bag for your desk drawer and leave the candy for office visitors.
  4. Chatty Cathy syndrome- Cathy loves to talk and socialize to anyone who will listen. So much so that others wonder when she gets her job done. She has no problem rubbing elbows with upper management and laughs it off when others call her a teacher’s pet.
  5. Loud voice Lester- Lester has a booming voice and does nothing to contain it in the office. “Use your indoor voice” sticky notes on his monitor haven’t worked. The volume of this office mate can often cause frustrations to other colleagues, as their concentration may be broken regularly.
  6. Tattletale Tony- This colleague is a sly fox. He walks around taking mental notes of what people are doing or doing wrong. He then takes that info to upper management and basks in the glory of being a great informant. Upper management might like Tony for the information; however his co works see him as a rat and have not trust in him at all.
  7. Nail biter Betty- You know the sound. Either a sharp clip or several small clicks. Betty is either using her nail clippers or is chewing and biting her nails. Yuck on so many levels. Please, I beg you, if you are a nail biter or clipper, please keep that habit at home!
  8. Frequent foodie Frank- This person brings in delicious smelling breakfast just about every day. There are multiple snack breaks and lunch is eating right there at his desk as well. He is always eating something. It’s hard to work when you hear someone munching away or smell the aroma of fresh popped popcorn.
  9. Bad talk Bobby- Bobby will talk smack about anyone in the office. He might smile at you in the face, but he’s blabbing about you behind your back. He’s just sly enough to not get caught, but he can damage the good reputation of an office very quickly.
  10. Debbie Downer- Everyone knows a Debbie Downer. She is the one who sucks the joy and fun out of every conversation. She has a horrible story about whatever someone is talking about in a conversation. Debbie doesn’t intend to bring everyone down, but her stories are just so sad.

There we go! These are the top ten annoying habits of your co-workers. Office etiquette is important if you want to maintain a harmonious workplace. Are there other annoying habits that are not listed that you would have added? Share them with our readers in the comments!

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