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Office etiquette: Ten things to know for your first day at a new job

First day at new job
First day at new job

It’s the first day of work at your new office and you’re excited for a new challenge, but you’re also wondering about the new people you will be working with in your department. Will personalities clash? Will you meet a new bestie? Will the entire department laugh at your favorite coffee cup?

Meeting new people and making a good first impression can be intimidating; therefore it’s always good to have a few tricks up your sleeve to help you succeed. Let’s take a look at a few ideas to help you win over the staff in your new office.

10 ways to win over new colleagues on the first day

  1. Study up on your new coworkers. Look at the staff directory on the company’s website and do some Google searches on them. Don’t get all crazy and cyber stalk them, but dig around a little and find common ground with a few people. It will certainly help with the awkward small talk that you know will happen.
  2. Bring a little sweet treat into the office on your first Friday. (Learn first if goodies from home are appreciated or banned) If you get the green light, a plate of brownies or homemade granola mix will likely win you a new friend or two. If food is prohibited, bring in some flowers for a common area. Flowers have a way of making people smile and it doesn't have to be a big arrangement.
  3. Remember names. Going back to the staff directory on the company website, take some time to memorize names and faces. If you know or remember a person’s name on the first day, you will get a lot of virtual gold stars!
  4. Ask lots of questions. People love to talk about themselves whether they want to admit it or not. Plus asking questions shows you are interested in this colleague and that will make them feel important.
  5. Don’t try too hard. Be casual but considerate when you get to know your new coworkers. If you come off to brash in the beginning, it will take a while for you to repair that damage.
  6. Don’t be too casual. Remember that this is still work, even if the first day on a new job is usually more of a meet and greet day. Don’t let your guard down completely and become too relaxed.
  7. In order to make your morning runs smoothly, prepare the night before. Pull out your clothes and make sure they are in tip top shape. Pack a light lunch, in the odd chance that you don’t get a lunch invitation. Make sure you have what you need for a good breakfast, as a good hearty breakfast will keep you going throughout the morning.
  8. Keep your eyes and ears on alert. Watching how people move around the office and hearing little snippets of conversations can give you the best indicator of which people to watch.
  9. Don’t rush out at quitting time. Hang around a few minutes after closing time and do a little after work mingling. Lots of good conversations happen as the office closes down.
  10. Smile, a lot. People are naturally drawn to a cheerful disposition. You don’t need to turn into Mary Poppins, just smile and be pleasant to anyone that takes their time to say hi and welcome you to the office.

So are you ready to go make a great first day impression? When all else fails, remember they hired you because of who your are and what you are capable of accomplishing. You would not have this first day of work if they didn’t believe in you.

Good Luck!

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