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Office, college or dorm: Discover microwave pasta chips

Pasta Chips, a great trick for home or office snacking
Pasta Chips, a great trick for home or office snacking

Pre-made pasta chip snacks are novel, and are rather expensive. This recipe for pasta chips is a super easy, a terrific economizer for office or college dorm snacking or merely to use up that left over dry pasta.

Rotini is a common sight in summer pasta salads. That twisty colorful dry pasta has a fair amount of iron, and some fiber.That makes it not only friendly but nutritious. Budget versions of the dry pasta run under $2.00 for about a pound bag, that makes multiple servings. The dollar store often has small bottles of olive oil.

Often, a recipe doesn't require using an entire bag of pasta and yet there is not really enough remaining to find a proper use. So try this.

Pasta Chips in the microwave

TIP: read the entire recipe first, have all ingredients on hand or ready to use as stated.

1 cup microwaveable container... coffee cup or measuring cup works great, but a dinner plate or bowl works too.

1 spoon, or a really great eye and a quick, controlled wrist.

Less than 1/2 tablespoon of Olive oil or butter ....( if this is a liquid and is sprayed across the pasta) it coats evenly, shaking and stirring the pasta into a liquid is fine as well. Not sure if cooking spray would work, certainly not as tasty.

1/4 cup or more dry, uncooked pasta.

Place the pasta in the cup and cook for under 1 minute in the microwave after very lightly coating the pasta with your chosen oil. If using butter, melt the butter in the container first, and then shake or stir the pasta to lightly coat.

Shake the pasta in the container or stir and let the steam leave the microwave and the pasta for about a minute. ( 1 minute)

Then, return the pasta for another minute. ( 1 minute )

Shake or stir the pasta.

Then produce your chosen condiments.

PICK ONE dry condiment, or mix if brave..... Garlic powder, garlic salt, popcorn salt, cayenne pepper, taco seasoning, ranch dressing powder, onion soup pepper and salt... sprinkle this lightly across your pasta and stir or shake again.

Then return to the microwave for about another minute. (1 minute) be careful not to scorch the pasta.

The pasta will after the first minute show some light blistering to the exterior, which is perfect. Cooking time is all of 3 minutes.

Rotating the pasta in the cup allows the steam to escape, increasing the crunch of the pasta and reducing burning. Don't know if other pastas can be used. Don't know if this can be duplicated in the convection oven.

Condiments increase heat concentration on the surface of the pasta. Don't add until the last minute of cooking, as they will cause the pasta to scorch or burn and be inedible.It is okay to add the condiments after all cooking has ceased, but adding in the last minute seems to make the condiment more likely to stick. This probably smells bad, like burnt popcorn if it burns, so be warned. So far no errors, so don't know that for a fact.

Shaking on parmesean cheeze might be a final alternative, using up that stash from the last delivery. So do that if you plan to, and then let it cool a bit, removing any final steam and increasing that crunch. If you haven't made this recipe before, check for your desired doneness.

This is a quick, and inexpensive snack that probably would have more nutritional value if served with a dip like hummus, salsa or Tzazki sauce and crudites or fresh fruit and cheeze slices.

These pasta chips could also be mixed in with Chex Party Mix for added taste, texture and flavor.

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