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'Off The Map' + Emmy Picks Contest!

Disney is giving me (and my podcast) a chance to give away some cool/nifty prizes!
Disney is giving me (and my podcast) a chance to give away some cool/nifty prizes!
D4K Studios/ABC Studios

Hey Fellow Columbus Examiners! Do you like contests? Wait, You do? Well prepare to get a chance to win some of your favorite show or movie thanks to the Good, the Bad & The Geeky, an entertainment podcast hosted by yours truly, based here in Columbus Ohio!

First up: ABC Studios/Disney has given me the chance to give one of my readers a chance to WIN the complete series of OFF THE MAP on DVD, which hits stores tomorrow. If you want to try your chance for a free copy, just take a quiz, a simple 5 question quiz about the show OFF THE MAP and then post your score in the comments section. Myself along with my co-hosts Jon and DJ Meat will choose a winner randomly.

Click here to see Nick's thoughts on Off The Map

To take the quiz and comment, then please go here. (Note: We will accept if you post your score here on examiner!! And this contest ends August 29th! To enter here on examiner, take the quiz and post your score below in the comment section! that's it!)

Second: Every year on the podcast we hold bets on who can get the most picks for the OSCARS and the EMMYS. Being the Emmys are coming up September 18th, we wanted to see if YOU could outsmart us. If you beat Jon, DJ Meat and I in Emmy picks, you get a chance to win on DVD either:

· Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

· Hot Fuzz

· Little Miss Sunshine

To enter this one, just click here and submit your emmy picks and see if you can ‘Outsmart Nick Nitro, Jon Bettin and DJ Meat’ for the 2011 Emmys!


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