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Off-Site SEO Tips

Off-Site SEO Tips
Off-Site SEO Tips
Paulus Rusyanto

There once was a time where to be at the top of Google or other search engines it was all about On-Site SEO. You would get with your SEO company and work on your web design appropriately in order to position yourself favorably on SERP rankings. (Search Engine Results Page)

However, with so much web design manipulation taking place Google and the other search engines decided to measure other off-site or off the page factors in order to increase the relevancy of visitor searches.

One of the more recent ways that they’ve updated their search ranking algorithm has been with the Google Panda Update that started on February 2011.

Ever since then Google has given High Quality Links, Social Media, Directories, and other off site mediums more relevance.

While Google does keep its precise algorithm for web site positioning a secret it has released information on how a web design owner or company can enhance the user experience and in this way position themselves better on search.

Some of the secret ingredients or areas to work on are as follows along with some examples:

High Quality Links & Link Building- A website like is mentioned on a high page ranking like this and you’ve created a high quality link. (This will help the site as long as it’s relevant to the web page)

Social Media-A Facebook web page or Twitter profile that engages with its consumers, and has shares and links, will help place that social page higher in the ranking. One of the first sites that took in was LinkedIn and it positioned it high because of LinkedIn’s high page ranking of 9.

Video Creation & Engagement-A Youtube video will greatly influence your search. So if your looking for online marketing miami, you’ll see that is on page 3, without a lot of promotion. Youtube videos and interactive media are wanted by the search engine and positioned favorably.

Directories-Directories like Yellowpages, Foursquare, and Yelp can actually place you quite high on the search engine.

Press Releases-There are press release services like that can create a lot of exposure for your business and in doing so create links for your web design page.

Advertising-Google Adwords or Pay Per click can help get you some quick traffic and using long tailored words can help you capitalize on your operating expenditure.

Content Sharing-Using Blogs like the examiner can help create links for you

Anchor Texts- An example would be Ecommerce Miami pointing over to the website is an anchor text. It tells the search engine that Ecommerce Miami is associated with the website. Just make sure that the website talks about Ecommerce otherwise you could get penalized.

These are just some tips but used wisely they can help you position yourself a bit higher on Google search engine.

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