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OFA's James Taylor concert discriminates against undocumented and minorities

You've got a friend, right James?
You've got a friend, right James?
Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty Images

“You’ve got a friend,” the subject line of an email purportedly from singer James Taylor, but actually from, an email address for Organizing for Action (formerly Organizing for Obama) assures me.

“Really?” I wonder. Not only does OFA act as the online community organizer for “the most anti-gun president ever to occupy the Oval Office,” but James Taylor himself is on record advocating “We need to make some sacrifice[s] to our freedoms,” meaning enact citizen disarmament “in order to safeguard our children.”

Statists always say "our children" just so everyone knows future generations belong to the collective.

Since when do friends I’ve got demand I disarm -- under penalty of the full force of the state’s monopoly of violence coming down on me should I disregard orders to do so? To play off the singer’s foremost hit, try that and you can expect to see Raining Fire.

No, we’re hardly friends, but I knew that when I signed up for the OFA mailing list. As stomach-turning as smarmy “progressive” fundraising e-rah-rah can be, it’s worth it to stay on top of what they’re up to, and you never know when they’ll expose even more of their trademark hypocrisy.

This time, they’re inviting me to enter the Organizing for Action “James Taylor Backstage Pass” Sweepstakes.

“If you win, you and a guest will be able to kick back on a free flight to Chicago [Gomer?], and be my VIP guests at the show,” the OFA flack pretending to be “James” tells me. Naturally, they want my money. What else are “friends” for? Still, you don’t have to pay to play, and they have a special site where you can enter without donating.

Even so, they’re pretty picky about who they’ll let play, considering Jeh Johnson, the Obama administration’s Homeland Security Secretary, maintains that the country’s estimated 11 million illegal aliens have “earned the right to be citizens.” Perhaps, but they haven’t earned the right to enter OFA’s James Taylor concert (which is sure to deeply disappoint no shortage of DREAMers).


Well there’s a Catch-22. In order to prove that, as well as to prove I’m me, not to mention board the flight I could win and get me to and from Chi-Town in compliance with TSA rules, plus sign that affidavit they’re going to require of winners, I’m going to need a government-issued ID. But Obama’s Justice Department tells us requiring one of those “effectively disenfranchises” minorities. They’re so sure on that score that the head of the Civil Rights Division has been warning various state attorneys general to watch their step when it comes to requiring voter ID.

Curiously, they haven’t issued the same warning against effectively disenfranchising minorities when it comes to buying guns. Imagine that.

In other words, according to OFA, it should be way easier to vote than to attend their James Taylor Backstage Pass concert. Well, after all, what’s more important?

And seeing James requires essentially the same scrutiny as buying a gun?

But wait, as the late TV pitchman Billy Mays used to say, there’s more!

“Sponsor reserves the right to disqualify any potential winner from receiving any prize based on such background check if Sponsor determines, in its sole discretion, that awarding any prize to such potential winner could result in a safety or security risk to any person or persons or could result in the disruption of any event associated with the Promotion,” the rules warn.

So now the winner and the real friends he'll be allowed to bring have to pass an ideological purity test, too? What do you think the chances are, after those background checks, that those of us with track records as GUN EXTREMISTS (!) won’t fit into the “could result in disruption” category (at a minimum)?

Do we now risk getting put on the "No James List"?

Ain’t it just like a friend of mine to hit me from behind?


UPDATE-- WarOnGuns Correspondent "Ed" adds:

You mean this James Taylor, self-admitted sufferer of mental illness (depression) and heroin addict, who by Federal law cannot legally possess weapons, so neither can you?


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