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OFA peddles 'Adorable Care Act' for Valentine's Day

As the March 1, 2014 enrollment draws near, Organizing For Action attempts to label ObamaCare as "The Adorable Care Act."
As the March 1, 2014 enrollment draws near, Organizing For Action attempts to label ObamaCare as "The Adorable Care Act."
Adorable Care Act Tumbler

For Christmas, Organizing for Action (OFA) used a curly-haired, hot chocolate sipping man-child in glasses and a plaid onsie to sell Obamacare. For Valentine’s Day, OFA’s effort to sell ObamaCare has sunk to an equally desperate and seriously embarrassing new low. Yes, they are actually trying to brand President Barack Obama’s failing and highly unpopular healthcare legislation as “The Adorable Care Act.”

On Friday, OFA National Organizing Director Sara El-Amine touted the childish campaign in an email, shared on Political Examiner.

Remember giving out valentines in grade school?

Yes. We also remember nap-time, recess, making pictures out of macaroni noodles and having to hold hands as we walked down the hallways to the cafeteria so we wouldn't wander off.

“This is a holiday that gives us all an excuse to send cute messages to anyone we want,” El-Amine wrote “This year, there's no better way to let friends know you care than by sharing an Adorable Care Act valentine.”

Choose your favorite -- we've got kittens, pandas, badgers, and more. Then click to share it with your special Facebook friends.

Check out the Adorable Care Act.

“The Adorable Care Act is one of my favorite things on the internet,” El-Amine gushed. “It was started by a longtime supporter, who gave OFA the thumbs-up to share this super-cute concept far and wide."

Curiously -- as Politico reported Sept. 26, 2013 -- OFA and the White House denied having “any connection” to the Adorable Care Act accounts on Twitter, Tumblr and Facebook with this “super-cute concept.”

Suggesting that Americans were actually writhing in some Obamacare-Valentine’s Day choice dilemma, El-Amine offered this "super-cute concept" as the ultimate solution, because "no one should ever have to choose between talking about health care reform, and sharing gratuitously cute animals online.”

Ironically, Gary Tetz suggested this idea as a way to endear Obamacare to disinterested Americans for McKnight’s Long-Term Care News way back on July 6, 2012.

“ACA evangelists fervently believe that if every American citizen, employer and long-term care provider just got to know the bill,” Tetz wrote, “to truly understand it, they would immediately see its infinite wisdom.”

But sadly, all people really pay attention to these days are YouTube videos of cats, especially if it's a mommy cat hugging her fussy newborn. If only President Obama had had the foresight to call it the Adorable Care Act, and then link it to a video of an extremely surprised kitten, maybe all this counterproductive, partisan fuss could have been avoided.

“It sure doesn’t look as if any last-minute surge is materializing to bring ObamaCare enrollment anywhere near projected levels,” John Hayward wrote for Human Events Wednesday. “With only a few weeks to go until the March 31 deadline, even the wildly inflated official claims of 3.3 million enrollees are only halfway to the 7 million target number.”

As CNBC’s Dan Mangan reported Wednesday, Health and Human Service claimed that “a total of 3,299,492 people had enrolled in Obamacare plans between Oct. 1, the opening of the sign-up window, and Feb. 1.”

“And those official claims are, of course, bunkum,” Hayward noted,” just as everything else this Administration says about ObamaCare is a lie that can be revised later, once a few tough news cycles and opinion polls have been survived.”

A lot of the people in that 3.3 million total, updated this week, haven’t actually made their first payment for insurance, so their plans are not valid. As the Daily Caller notes, Health and Human Service is still lying about their inability to factor those invalid plans out of the totals, and even the inflated numbers are slowing down, not surging towards the deadline.

It took 5 months of targeting the youth, parents, pregnant women, women with pets, pregnant women, women who want birth control so they can have sex with strange men, volunteer fire departments, launching an Obamacare video contest and a Healthcare for the Holidays campaign that included the curly-haired, hot chocolate sipping man-child in glasses and a plaid onsie to reach a questionable 3.3 million enrollees.

What will it take to convince an additional 3.7 million will sign up in the next two weeks?

“You're probably wondering: Is the answer to getting more Americans covered really just more pictures of kittens and pandas?” El-Amine wrote, haplessly sharing the extent to which OFA’s level of desperation has reached.

I don't know, but I'm willing to find out. How about you?

As the old saying goes: "Desperate times call for desperate measures." So "share an Adorable Care Act message to someone you love today."

"Happy Valentine's Day!"

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