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Of Mice and Men: A Pivotal Moment

Of Mice and Men
Of Mice and Men
Of Mice and Men

“We all started in the same place; kids that wanted to play music on a stage.” - Tino Arteaga, drummer for the rock band, Of Mice and Men.

It would seem that the plans and schemes of those kids are working out just fine. Of Mice and Men, the nu-metal quintet from Southern California, is currently tearing up the road with fellow rockers, Bring Me The Horizon on a whirlwind tour that stretches on through the highways and byways of America, before heading off to Europe for an extensive tour this spring and summer. Austin Carlile (lead vocals), Alan Ashby (rhythm guitars), Phil Manansala (lead guitar), Aaron Pauley [bass, vocals], and Tino Arteaga (drums) recently released their third album, “Restoring Force” for Rise Records. Enduring a grueling recording process, plus a major line-up change, many rock bands would have difficulty landing on their feet and re-claiming fans when finding themselves forced to recalibrate. Not in the case of this band. After replacing ex-bassist Shayley Bourget, Aaron Pauley, has proved his hooks to be the perfect counterpoint to Carlile’s emphatic screams. Pauley was incorporated into every aspect of the creative process enabling the band to continue to express passion with structured sound and relevant subject matter. Combining clean vocals and melodic riffs while holding true to the older aspects of screaming, the songs of “Restoring Force” bring the band to an evolved, nu-metal sound that is opening themselves up to new audiences near and far. Of Mice and Men have reached a pivotal moment in their career, and they have everything to gain.

“The theme of the record is togetherness, working together, and being a family,” Carlile reveals. “I want our listeners to know they’re not alone. We’re all going through it with them.”

The fans won’t take his words lightly. The group has become a veritable phenomenon worldwide, selling out shows across North America all the way to Australia, Europe, and beyond. “The Flood” reached #28 on the Billboard Top 200 and garnered praise from the New York Times, Rock Sound, Alternative Press, and more. With sales surpassing 125,000 and YouTube streams over 16,000,000, “The Flood” remains one of the most successful releases in the 22 years of Rise Records.

“Of Mice & Men has outgrown all of us,” concludes Carlile. “It’s bigger than the individuals comprising it. It’s bigger than the album. It has become its own thing. It’s more than just a rock group. I want this album to get people thinking and talking. It’s different. This is purely meant to move you.”

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Written by Denise Santoro Delaney