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Of Israel, Russia, and...Lana Del Rey?

Do you have the impression that the media favors Hamas? If you are you, aren't alone. There seems to be no shortage of coverage of wailing Palestinians on the news shows while little appears said about the attacks by Hamas on Israel, nor on the numerous tunnels which have been destroyed by Israel in her invasion of the Gaza Strip. These tunnels were for ground assaults on Israel proper.

War is not pretty, and there are certainly innocents being killed and harmed during the Israeli offensive. But that's allegedly part of the plan with Hamas, to hide among innocents, and innocent Israelis have been harmed in rocket attacks themselves. This war is not a one way street and should not be thought of as such.

On another front, we wonder whether another war actually is a one way street. Although many suspect that the downing of Malaysian Flight MH 17 over the Ukraine last week was an unfortunate accident, it still happens, and appearances are increasingly that Russia is at least somewhat morally culpable for the sad event. They are arming the rebels in the eastern Ukraine and helping to create instability in the nation. When Europe (or at least England, kind of hypocritically it seems) begins to sit up and take notice and warning of sanctions, it's difficult to think well of Moscow in this matter.

Singer Lana Del Rey, has said that she slept with a lot of record industry insiders (well, she doesn't exactly say 'slept' in a recent song) yet that didn't land her any recording contracts. You can read a synopsis here: The short story is that she found it 'annoying' that her dalliances garnered no help in, uh, advancing her career.

We just don't know the best way to respond to that. It seems to speak for itself, really. She just slept with guy after guy and got nothing but annoyance. One would think she would have expected that. Give someone what they want with no guarantees and what guarantee do you get?

We'll allow you to answer that yourself.

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