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Odometer on Denver oil & gas industry accounting and finance jobs


In order to get a flavor for what is going on in the oil & gas market when it comes to accounting and finance positions, I conducted an interview with Jenny Pitkin-Emerson, CPA and recruiter with Emerson Search LLC, Denver, Colorado.

Q: What industries and positions does your firm recruit?

A: Emerson Search LLC is a professional recruiting firm that specializes in permanent placement in both Corporate Accounting & Finance. Our clients range from start-ups to well established publicly traded companies. We work on a variety of positions but typically staff to manager levels in corporate accounting, internal audit, financial analysis, and financial reporting. We recruit heavily within the energy industry.

Q: How have you seen the job market for Denver changed within the last 6 months?

A: Since December 2008 / January 2009, the job market has been pretty stagnant across the board including in the oil & gas industry. The oil & gas companies have been especially hard hit due to the volatility of oil & natural gas prices. There have been hiring freezes or layoffs, across professional disciplines including accounting. Companies have reduced or eliminated expenses wherever they can, including additions to or replacements in head count.

Q: Do you foresee any changes in the job market?

A: I think it’s hard to predict but I am cautiously optimistic that the job market and overall economy is on the road to recovery. In the past few weeks, I have spoken with multiple hiring managers at oil & gas companies that are planning to hire in the next few months. This is a positive sign considering January through May everyone was delaying hiring or laying off. I am hopeful that I will continue to hear of more oil & gas companies that are budgeting and planning for hires.

Q: What would you recommend to a person pursuing careers in accounting or finance that has recently been laid off or is a new graduate?

A: I would recommend keeping an open mind that you might have to adjust your goals and expectations in this job market. Temporary / contract work might be a good option for individuals to help pay the bills while they continue their permanent search. This could also be an opportunity to gain new work experience, and there is always the chance the position could lead to a permanent role within the organization. Job seekers should be aware that their job search could take a long time and they might have to adjust their expectations. Also, I would recommend brushing up on your networking skills and joining professional societies that could help expand your network including COPAS, and the Colorado Society of CPAs.

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