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Odiorne Point State Park, a New Hampshire gem!


On a recent trip up the New England coast, I made a stop at Odiorne Point State Park, in Rye, NH. My family and I were looking for a nice place to rest and have a picnic on our way up to Maine. We spotted signs for this park and decided to check it out. We liked it so much, we stopped again on our way back to Albany. State parks have become very important to me over the past year as many local governments are struggling to reconcile their budgets while continuing to fund parks and recreation. Many parks are at risk of being closed and I just can't imagine not having access to these places in the future. I feel obligated to visit as many as possible and then promote them so that you feel a need to protect them as well. The world gets complicated, with economic downturns, technological overstimulation, unstable foreign relations, and just everyday personal conflicts- sometimes we need to escape all of that and just sit in nature. While sitting on the rocky shore at Odiorne Point State Park, I had an opportunity to clear my head and just feel thankful for some of the simple blessings in my life. 

Skipping rocks at Odiorne Point State Park
Jenny deMars

Odiorne Point is the largest undeveloped stretch of shore on New Hampshire's eighteen mile coast. The park has 331.5 acres and looks out onto the Atlantic Ocean. There are trails for hiking, as well as a paved bike path. The landscape varies from rocky oceanfront, man-made freshwater ponds, salt marshes, tide pools, to a little harbor with sand dunes. It has something to offer everyone, from explorers to picnickers alike.  

The Seacoast Science Center is also located within the park. It offers educational programs to schools, families and the general public. There is a separate admission fee to the science center. I did not visit the center during my visit but I imagine it would be a fun thing for children.

My son enjoyed the large playground that includes a small climbing wall, lots of slides, and other toys to play on. However, his favorite activity was simply throwing rocks into the water. My husband and I gathered seashells and enjoyed the ocean breeze. I highly recommend visiting Odiorne State Park if you are in the area. It is a perfect setting for just taking some time for yourself and enjoying nature's simplicity.

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