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Odin’s Fashionable Fundraiser for Bay Area Geman Shepherd Rescue

Throughout the rest of February, a fundraiser for Odin & Friends seeks to raise funds while helping pet parents accessorize with style. Thanks to Laura Bastin, a volunteer with Bay Area German Shepherd Rescue, the campaign offers dog lovers a chance to shop for a cause at Thirty-One Gifts. A special online shopping page has been set up by Bastin for the Odin & Friends fund, which features tote bags and other stylish accessories. Shoppers can click here to see the full product catalog.

Odin's recovery inspired a special fund in his honor at the Bay Area German Shepherd Rescue
Laura Bastin/Bay Area German Shepherd Rescue

The Odin Fund was inspired a 12 week old German Shepherd puppy who was seriously injured in an accident in August 2012. Odin’s breeder had backed over him with a car which resulted in fractures to both Odin’s femurs and pelvis. Odin was brought to the Vet by the breeder who asked that he be euthanized. Fortunately, the Vet disagreed and contacted a German Shepherd rescue group to help save Odin’s life.

As a result of the rescue’s financial assistance, Odin was able to undergo the necessary surgeries required to treat his injuries. Odin’s foster parents cared for him during his treatment and recovery which resulted in a foster failure. The family decided to adopt Odin and continue to care for him as her recovered. As part of his recovery, Odin’s rehabilitation included hydrotherapy, laser therapy and chiropractic adjustments.

Now, at almost two years old, Odin lives with his family in the Bay Area. He enjoys playing with his human guardians and his two dog siblings. Odin’s inspiring tale lead to the creation of the Odin & Friends Fund at the Bay Area German Shepherd Rescue (BAGSR). Monies raised for this fund is specially allocated for veterinarian care for other dogs in need.

Odin & Friends Fund is an extension of BAGSR’s compassion and indiscriminate love for dogs rescued with either a birth defect or suffering from injuries caused by an accident,” said Trish Young Dortch, Odin’s owner and also a volunteer with the rescue. “To these dogs, the fund represents the silver lining that breeds life, hope, commitment and love when their future looks bleak. Odin was that dog whose life was in jeopardy at the young age of 12 weeks, but his ray of hope and saving grace came in the form of a special fund, such as this, to save his life and provide the medical treatment necessary. He is blessed with the same opportunity as a healthy dog, living a good dog’s life in a loving home where he continues to thrive. The best of it all is his gift of gratitude of unconditional love, devotion and loyalty that we receive from him each and every day."

Anyone interested in helping raise funds for the Odin Fund can simply shop online at Bastin’s special fundraiser shopping page at Thirty-One Gifts. Opportunities to host a shopping party with their friends and family are also available. Interested hosts can contact Bastin directly for more information on becoming a hostess for a fundraising party. Click here for details.

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