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Odessa, MO gets an economic boost

attractive lease rates
attractive lease rates

Odessa, MO is a suburb of Kansas City, commercial real estate in Odessa took a hit when the Odessa Outlet Mall failed and went almost completely vacant.

Odessa, MO
Turn-Key Properties LLC

Just 35 minutes from the city limits of Kansas City, Odessa was thriving, horse farms, fireworks stores, car dealers and small business's were growing. Homes were being built and business was good.

When the recession first started to take hold, the first to go was the outlet mall. A once thriving group of stores set up like a strip mall once drew thousands to the area for bargain footwear, clothing and essentials; now nearly a ghost town, the once popular mall has fallen into disrepair. Looking a bit like an old west town with tumbleweeds  blowing through; the crowds are gone, the parking lots are empty and the revenue is non-existent. A few stores remain, The Dress Barn, a bridal shop and a grocery store. But the vast majority of the once popular destination is vacant.

8.5 x 11 sheets of paper on the vacant store doors boast attractive lease rates, but the takers are few. Improvements are underway to dress up the facade of the property, but the newest addition, a Mexican restaurant has a crudely hand-painted sign that would have hardly met the standards of the formerly prestigious development.

Then came the collapse of the auto industry, a long-time staple of the community fell victim to the cuts and Odessa Chevrolet shut their doors; Soon to become The Odessa Auction, showing a strong resolve to make it in spite of the circumstances. One has to be moved by the American spirit, that will not be put down, will not fail.

One of the most successful entities in Odessa is the Ritchie Brothers Auction facility, Located on the outer road just West of Odessa. So successful that in 2008 the City of Odessa proclaimed March 12, 2008 as "Ritchie Brothers Auction Day".

But a new wind is blowing in Odessa, a wind of change and hope! The recent announcement that Manna of Utah will be building a new facility in Odessa on the outer road near the Ritchie Brothers Auction has sparked a revival of sorts with Odessa locals.

Manna of Utah intends to produce thousands of "home generators" providing a green energy solution for homes and businesses to have the ability to power themselves. A sort of "off the grid" technology that is growing in popularity.

The announcement that as many as 3400 new jobs will be added to the Odessa economy has excited local residents.

This will surely be a great boost to the Odessa economy and the Odessa Outlet Mall which sits just a few yards from the proposed Manna plant site.


  • OdessaGal 5 years ago

    Pretty sad article but we are excited here in Odessa about the prospects of this new development. Great job to the Mayor and city team for having a vision to do something in these hard times.

  • OdessaDad 5 years ago

    Well, we now know who the company is, what their products are, and just how big a scam this whole thing is....

    Their home generator is nothing but a glorified scam "perpetual motion" device (just look up overunity generator on Google or Youtube)... Violating the Laws of Conservation of Energy (seventh grade science) isn't a good thing.

    Portable Emergency Rooms and Soybean based food supplements too? Who do these people think we are?

    Add to that they don't have their financing yet (they said they have 90 days to finish the financing), and that they're using a Utah based 5013C with a technology license to a Florida company that looks to be owned by an IT Consultant? Not Good.

    But Ike Skelton was there so this must be legit... right?

    I think this is either a huge scam to get some federal and state grant money or the smokescreen of all time to hide a real company.

    It's more than obvious that this "Manna of Utah" is simply an elaborate hoax of some kind.

  • TheTick 5 years ago

    Has no one done any research into this company? A magic magnetic generator that requires little or no fossil fuel and no emissions? Come on, folks.

  • Honez 5 years ago

    Be careful Odessa!!!
    Look up David Mark Kram and his wife Leah at
    They are no strangers to the Missouri courts. I had also heard he was involved in a real estate pryamid scheme many years ago.
    I truly hope this is all legit. This will be great for Odessa and the surronding area. Just be careful and don't get scammed.

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