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Odessa, MO gets an economic boost

attractive lease rates
attractive lease rates


  • OdessaGal 6 years ago

    Pretty sad article but we are excited here in Odessa about the prospects of this new development. Great job to the Mayor and city team for having a vision to do something in these hard times.

  • OdessaDad 6 years ago

    Well, we now know who the company is, what their products are, and just how big a scam this whole thing is....

    Their home generator is nothing but a glorified scam "perpetual motion" device (just look up overunity generator on Google or Youtube)... Violating the Laws of Conservation of Energy (seventh grade science) isn't a good thing.

    Portable Emergency Rooms and Soybean based food supplements too? Who do these people think we are?

    Add to that they don't have their financing yet (they said they have 90 days to finish the financing), and that they're using a Utah based 5013C with a technology license to a Florida company that looks to be owned by an IT Consultant? Not Good.

    But Ike Skelton was there so this must be legit... right?

    I think this is either a huge scam to get some federal and state grant money or the smokescreen of all time to hide a real company.

    It's more than obvious that this "Manna of Utah" is simply an elaborate hoax of some kind.

  • TheTick 6 years ago

    Has no one done any research into this company? A magic magnetic generator that requires little or no fossil fuel and no emissions? Come on, folks.

  • Honez 6 years ago

    Be careful Odessa!!!
    Look up David Mark Kram and his wife Leah at
    They are no strangers to the Missouri courts. I had also heard he was involved in a real estate pryamid scheme many years ago.
    I truly hope this is all legit. This will be great for Odessa and the surronding area. Just be careful and don't get scammed.

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