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Oderus is no longer among us: GWAR's Dave Brockie found dead

Sadly, Oderus no longer walks among us.
Patricia Jones

It is with a heavy heart that we report that Dave Brockie, also known as Oderus Urungus of GWAR was found dead last night (March 23) between 3pm and 7pm. According to Style Weekly in Richmond, VA, Brockie's body was found by his bandmates in his home. This news comes on the heels of GWAR’s recent return from tour and the celebration of the band’s 30th anniversary.
Brockie was one of the founders of GWAR, having started the band in 1984 and seeing it through numerous ups and downs, controversies, losses and even a Grammy nomination. Known as the most publicly outspoken members of GWAR, even those not familiar with his musical endeavors were likely aware of his presence from his Super Bowl rants to his celebrity jabs and even, most infamously, his political outrage. Never one to hold his tongue, Brockie refused to concede to the “you can’t fight city hall” rhetoric he felt dominated the public arena. This and much more he discussed with me during an interview conducted with him on GWAR’s “Fate Or Chaos” tour in mid-2013.
We will never forget the words of wisdom and behind the scenes insight he gave regarding his time on the road, tour cuisine dos and don’ts, his exploits in television and his part in the making of one of my favorite movies, Empire Records. If this news is true, the world has lost one more voice unafraid to be subversive and noxious regardless of the stigma and thus has consequently grown a bit more silent. Thank you Dave- for Oderus, for the music, and for the memories, those of us that have seen you in action will surely never forget.

"I’ve always said GWAR is the band that could last 1000 years. I don’t know how long we’ll be doing this; how long this current line up will be doing GWAR- probably years and years- but I was completely serious when I said we would probably have other people replace us at some point and the band would just continue on and on. Son of Oderus? I don’t know if anyone will keep up with Oderus but he’ll probably have a kid at some point who will probably kill and eat him and take his job." – Dave Brockie, April 23, 2013

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