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Sometimes I think god just sends certain folks my way when She needs me to write something. So yesterday at a holiday party I ran into a lovely coach named Maggie...

Somehow we got to chatting about surrender and ease. And she made me giggle when she shook her head so hard she nearly spilled her glass of wine all over me, saying, "Oh, I don't DO flow. I MAKE stuff happen. I manifest my desires 100%. That flow junk is for WIMPS."

Well, a common misunderstanding in this alpha-dog culture! So I asked how it was all going these days and she admitted she was TOTALLY exhausted. And angry! I joked that she might want to try visiting an alternate planet for a few years if 'making stuff happen' was her main approach.

I actually wasn't kidding but soon she was really laughing.

Then I said that to me moving with the Flow is like what master surfers say about waves.

Once a surfer at Ocean Beach told me, "You listen inside, bow to the Force of It All, and ride that baby as far as it goes. No ego can impose itself on the sea...the folks that do crash and burn."

Knowing how to honor, be guided and pulled by Something Bigger.

And all of this is DEEPLY astrological. We're in the midst of a looong 3 1/2 year transit ALL ABOUT LETTING GO and flowing. While it's not always an easy game, folks who know how to breathe, open and be flex can see surprising miracles. Those who don't might have a much rougher, angrier time. You can easily end up mad at everyone and everything!

But ANYONE can learn a different way.

Because I'm talking about the SEVEN, yes SEVEN, SQUARES of URANUS and PLUTO which will run from from 2012 to 2015. We're currently about half-way through. As of November we've had FOUR , and now we have THREE MORE til the end.

Now I sure don't believe these squares were created to torture. Like all transits, they serve a High and Holy purpose. Uranus is the planet of Liberation, Pluto is about Control and Power. When the two conflict, if you've made an identity out of being a Total Control Freak, your world might unravel like mad. Cuz these squares simply CANNOT be manipulated, manifested or visualized away...

Everything about these transits say, "LEARN how TO FLOW!" Learn to flexible, improvise and ride the waves as they come. Release what wants to leave, and welcome what wants to come. Anchor yourself in the Divine, knowing the Source can provide All that is needed if It is invited.

A way to do this is to offer yourself to the Divine.

"Use me as a Force for good. Show me where you need me. Open the doors as you wish and close them as you need. Change me into One who can let go and invite Your help.

I've watched people's entire lives shift from that ONE prayer.

And no, it's not a Disney movie. Problems, tests and snafus all, well to ME, constantly :)) Yet, You become a servant to Eternity, no matter who you are. And with Uranus in the mix (the Ruler of Surprises) the MORE you let go and keep your vibe high, the more it surprises you in amazing and 'coincidental' ways.

(And if you're dubiously thinking "Easier said than done!" I REALLY recommend reading or hearing "Outrageous Openness" more than once and also the mp3 "Make Your Life an Offering." They're both medicine for embattled minds during the final year and half of this square.)

Luckily I had a copy of OO in my bag so I left it as a gift with Maggie.

She was grateful.



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