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Odds not in favor of Corbett's reelection all to be decided by voters in primary

One more week left to register to vote
One more week left to register to vote
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As the Pennsylvania gubernatorial races continue to heat up, six candidates vie for the seat in the state Executive Office. Governor Tom Corbett (Rep) is up for re-election this year and will face off against a competitor within his own political party along with four candidates from the Democratic Party and two third party candidates. Match-up polls continue to show Corbett trailing 2-9 points behind his competitors. Even when he is compared against candidates who have since dropped out of the campaign, Corbett's numbers trailed behind. Although the polls are merely a snapshot in time, they consistently show the current governor unable to rise above the Democratic challengers indicating a political realignment is on the way.

In case any citizens who want to vote in the next election and are not registered to vote, the Pennsylvania Department of State announced that there is still time to fill out a voter application card. According to a report published yesterday from PR Newswire, Monday, April 21 is the final day to get a form completed in time to vote in next month's primary election. There are only three requirements that applicants must be meet to be eligible: be 18 years old or older, be a U.S. citizen, and be a PA resident for at least 30 days or more. To complete the application process, one must also select a political party. To vote at the May 20 primary, applicants must be registered with one of the two major political parties.

An article from The Fix in The Washington Post ranked the top 15 highly-contested gubernatorial races of 2014 and listed PA as the number one state with the "most vulnerable governor". In fact, the results two times over from Quinnipiac University found Corbett trailing 21 points behind Democratic candidate Tom Wolf. When Gravis Marketing compared Republican challenger Bob Guzzardi against three of the Democratic candidates, he did not fare any better than Corbett indicating that voters are looking for a change in party leadership. With little more than a month to the primary, there is plenty of time for all of the candidates to campaign for votes. As the election calendar shows, there is also plenty of time for voters to get informed and to make a decision about who they want to serve as Pennsylvania governor for four years. At this point, it will be an uphill battle, but maybe even Corbett has a shot to keep his seat.