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'Odd' couple found dead in an embrace in France

An "odd" couple was found dead in France -- but the story isn't just cut and dry. The woman was 94-years-old and the man was 55, which is just the first part of this odd story. They were found in bed together in the apartment that they had shared for the past few years. Their arms were wrapped around each other in a "tight embrace" and they were found that way by a caretaker according to a video report by GeoBeats.

Obviously called an "odd couple" because of their age difference, the story of how they met is also a bit odd. Apparently the woman took the man in about five years ago -- he was homeless and he had a drinking problem. The two would often be seen in public -- going for walks while holding hands -- and while it is strange, it is believed that they were romantically involved.

It's unclear how the couple died -- their age difference suggests that natural causes are out of the question. It doesn't sound like a double suicide or a murder-suicide, but you never know. Autopsies are pending on both bodies.

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