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Odd circular object, streak of orange light seen in Ontario skies

On March 8, 2014 at approximately 12:05 a.m., two residents of North York in Toronto, Ontario saw an odd circular object in the clear night sky.

According to a UFOINFO Sightings report, the object was “fire orange in color, flying very slow and low moving in an un-ordinary fashion. It would go right to left, and up and down.”

The witnesses noted that the object “would flash and disappear and then reappear” and left “a swirl tail.”

To view photos of the object, go HERE.

On March 18 at about noon, an Alton resident was driving on Road 136 “when a shadow passed in front of me on the road.” At first the witness thought it was just a bird, until the large size of it was seen.

“The length of the object was almost as long as the width of the road,” the witness wrote. “The shadow was very clear and visible like it was flying low. When I looked up in the sky, there wasn’t anything around.”

On March 18 at approximately 20:24 p.m., two people saw a sphere-shaped object over Cambridge, Ontario.

According to a UFOINFO Sighting report, “An orange looking beam, the color of fire flew fast across the sky and flew quickly overhead…” The male witness said he and his girlfriend were walking through a Metro parking lot on Elgin Street at the time.

“When it was directly above us flying overhead, I thought the (UFO) looked almost like a big bright glowing light bulb.”

As it passed them, it “changed from orange and lit up green,” the witness said adding that the green light was “possibly coming from the top of the sphere object.” When it turned green, he said it “then shot across the sky at an unbelievable speed.”

The man noted that due to the extraordinary speed (“thousands of kilometers in less than a second”) of the object, it was impossible to actually watch it fly past them. He said it “flew completely across the sky in just milliseconds.” He added that the object made no sound.

“My girlfriend and I had a direct, close view and what we saw is shocking and unexplainable.”

This sighting reminds this Examiner of a very similar incident that occurred on March 24 in the night sky over Hamilton’s east end. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw a red streaking light flash by and expected to hear a crash but nothing happened. It just disappeared beyond my point of vision behind a large tree.

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