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Odd but interesting thoughts on this 2014 Martin Luther King Day

mlk sttreet sign
mlk sttreet sign
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I will neither bore you nor myself with the same old drivel we've been hearing since 1968: 'Oh, King this. King that. Commie this, commie that' although I confess my favorite is, "According to recently released files made available by Mr. (J. Edgar) Hoover (a paragon of virtue if ever we have had one in our national life whom President Coolidge first appointed in 1924 to be Director of what was then the Bureau of Investigation, later changed to the Federal Bureau of Investigation in 1935), Dr. King-as long suspected-has been playing a game of chess by mail with Dr. Ho Chi Minh, President of North Vietnam, for the last ten years."

MLK's "I Have A Dream" speech, I’ll have you know, if rated by the scientifically-approved "goose bumps" method still registers an "eleven (11)" with this writer on a "one-ten, 1-10 scale". Go figure.

Or perhaps you’d rather reflect on the rhyming patterns of Dr. King's foremost self-appointed successor or marvel, as I've always, at the "conked pompadour" of another of Dr. King's would be successors who early on demonstrated his high regard for the truth in his “sterling” defense of Tawana Brawley whose 1987 rape accusation against six white men turned out to be as trashy as the garbage bag in which she was reportedly found following her “rape”.

I submit that a goodly period of reflection about these two charlatans will reveal the simple truth that our country, which most of us do love, would have been spared much pain and suffering during its next fifty years following King's assassination had a certain white “high-school dropout, Army throw-away, petty thief" missed (despite his apparent proficiency with a powerful hunting rifle equipped with a high-powered "assassin's scope") the man who at that time “was the most influential civil rights leader of the era."*

And I will not offend your sense of dignity by besmirching a man's personal life by unsubstantiated, politically driven "dirt digs" (I just made that term up. What do you think of it?)

Even if the charges of philandering were truthful ( and I truthfully neither know nor care one way or the other) their revelation at best would probably have served only to place MLK in a gloriously long line of American political celebrities stretching as far back as the years of the right honorable Dr. Benjamin Franklin.

Well-known to the ladies of the French court to which he was America’s first ambassador, it could not have been his (lack of) good looks that seemed to draw them to him if indeed his portraiture on the one hundred dollar bill is at all a faithful reproduction of his physiognomy.

I do not assert this as an unimpeachable truth, but I have heard it bandied about that it was rather his renown in the nascent field of "harnessing electricity for human betterment" that raised the height of many a fawning French lady’s pouf.

As for Martin Luther King, Jr, let the content of his character shape your opinion of who he was, and pay no mind to the piffle and prattle of his many pitiable detractors.


*James Earl Ray: The Man Who Killed Dr. Martin Luther King by Mark Gribben

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