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Odd Brodsky screening at 'Dances with Films'

The cast of Odd Brodsky is what makes the film special
Cindy Baer/ Free Dream Pictures

There’s few films that have viewers leaving the theater, ready to take on the world. Odd Brodsky is a film that aims to inspire moviegoers to live life to the fullest in a charming comedic fashion. It’s a film about following your dreams, finding your passions, and finding the path to true happiness. After 10 years at a job she absolutely abhors, Audrey Brodsky finally musters up the courage to quit. She sets off to pursue her childhood dream of becoming an actress. There’s just one problem- Audrey is not exactly what you call “naturally talented” in acting. When she meets an aspiring cameraman on the internet, she finally begins living. Audrey is set off on the adventure of her lifetime!

Odd Brodsky can be summed up as a quirky comedy about dreams, finding yourself, and never settling. The film pays homage to early Wes Anderson in its tableau composition, narration, mandolin music, and earnest characters. The movie also has a bit of an "Amelie" feel to it, in the way that Audrey's sees the world with some moments of magical realism, and also in the use of the slight distortion of the wide-angle lens sometimes used to frame key moments.

Featuring Tegan Ashton Cohan, Matthew Kevin Anderson, Scotty Dickert, Cindy Baer, Elana Krausz, Christina Moses, Leigh Forrest, Jesse Meriwether, John Alton, Ilana Klusky, Jolie Adamson and Jim Hanks --it is the cast who truly make Odd Brodsky special. Odd Brodsky was directed by cast member Cindy Baer.

Baer's acclaimed directorial feature debut, Purgatory House, had its Los Angeles premiere at the Dances With Films Festival in 2004 where it won one of the Audience Awards. The film, distributed by Image Entertainment, is an after-life drama that was written by and starred 14-year-old Celeste Davis, an at-risk teen that Cindy mentored in the Big Sisters of Los Angeles Program.

Those who have seen Purgatory House will appreciate the references in Odd Brodsky. A storyline within Odd Brodsky is that of Audrey’s friend Sammy, who is played by director Cindy Baer herself. Sammy is obsessed with a film that she made ten years ago entitled “Hell is Here,” which happens to be a parody of Baer’s first critically acclaimed film, Purgatory House. Jim Hanks, who was a lead actor in Purgatory House, also appears in Odd Brodsky, portraying a parody of his God character. This time he appears as an actor playing God, and offers Audrey some advice which she takes to heart.

Odd Brodsky is being featured as the “Alumni Spotlight Feature” at the 17th Annual Dances With Films festival which runs May 29th thru June 8th at the Chinese Theatre in Hollywood.

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